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The go-to guide for you and your child

Tips on choosing properly fitted Shoes

Start-rite shares their top tips!

 We know that every parent wants to make the best, and most informed, decisions to ensure the wellbeing of their children.  But we can’t know it all. That’s why we rely on those in the know to help us out.  We have teamed up with children’s shoe experts Start-rite to give you the low down on what to look for when buying properly fitted shoes for your children.

It may seem obvious, but from the moment they begin to crawl right into their late teens children’s feet are continually developing.  The bones in children’s feet do not fully form until around 18 years of age, which means that throughout their childhood their feet are susceptible to being misshaped by ill-fitting foot wear and this can lead to foot and other possible joint and posture problems being developed in later life.

Because no two children’s feet are the same, children’s shoe experts Star-rite, who have been around for over 200 years, pride themselves on their commitment to producing quality, durable and stylish fitted footwear that caters for all children’s different shape and sized feet.

They offer a huge range of shoes, in whole and half sizes and a variety of width fittings, which provide the best possible fit for each and every child, however different they might be.

So how do we know we are getting shoes that will support the healthy development of our children’s feet? Follow this advice to find out.

Get your children’s feet professional measured and fitted

Start-rite professional shoe fitters are expertly trained in the development of children’s foot development and shoe fitting.  Getting the advice from a professional will ensure that your child is measured and fitted with the correct size and style of shoe for their feet through every stage of their development.

They will measure the correct length width and depth of your child’s feet, all vital to ensure correctly fitted shoes.  Regular visits to professional fitters are important and free, and recommended every 6-8 weeks for little ones learning to walk, then 3-4 months as they get older.

However, it’s worth noting that measuring is only a guide and the most important part of the process is checking the shoes on the foot.

Once they know the appropriate length and width the professional fitters will find the right size shoe for your child. They will then fit the shoe to the feet and check elements such as the fit around the anklebone and heel as well as the correct width, depth and length.  Unlike other shoe manufactures Start-rite shoes are designed with growing room built in, so children should not need to wear a size up which is a temptation for many parents. This money saving tactic is not only a false economy, as ill-fitting shoes wear quicker, but it can also affect the child’s natural walking style.

Start-rite’s top tips for shoe shopping and what to look for in a shoe

  • Make the whole shoe shopping experience as fun as you can and give yourself plenty of time
  • Get your children’s feet properly measured and fitted by a professional shoe fitter, and look for shoes that come in whole and half sizes, and multiple width fittings to ensure the best fit for your child
  • Choose a shoe made from quality materials with a good sole and an effective fastener across the instep.  This will ensure the shoes last longer and help to avoid issues such as your child curling their toes to keep the shoes on.
  • No two feet are the same, so try to avoid hand-me-downs from one child to another this approach might suit clothes but it don’t suit shoes


With 220 years of experience and expertise, Start-Rite are dedicated to creating quality, durable, stylish-fitted footwear designed especially for children of all ages. Visit

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