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Exercises to boost your mood

We all have times in our lives when we’re prone to feeling down, anxious or depressed. That is why the experts at health and fitness brand, realbuzz, are sharing their top tips and exercises to help you look after yourself.


Swimming is one of the best activities to take up for a full body, low impact workout that benefits the mind too.

Adam Walker, realbuzz swimming expert, said: “Not only does swimming stimulate mood-boosting endorphins but it also provides an opportunity to clear your mind and take perspective of your day.

“The stress-busting attributes swimming brings also work on a deeper level for those with a mental illness. If you suffer from anxiety, swimming can help ease pent up tension and muscle pain and allows you to be mindful and worry-free as you exercise. For this, it’s important that pools you swim in are well heated, as cold water doesn’t have the same effect.

“However swimming in cold water can help provide relief from symptoms of depression. Due to the high density of cold water receptors in the skin, a cold dip is expected to send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from nerve endings to the brain, which can result in an anti-depression effect.”


Getting out on your bike for a family bike ride – or even cycling with your child to school – is not only a much healthier way to get from A to B but also a great stress buster too.

Tom Bell, the realbuzz cycling expert said: “We all lead such busy lives that it’s no surprise many of us find ourselves stressed. However, cycling can help improve our mood and help us combat the effects of stress and anxiety as it boosts levels of the feel-good endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.”

Cycling also has a positive impact on quality of sleep – something which can dramatically affect the way we feel. Studies have shown that after cycling between 20-30 minutes every other day, insomnia sufferers had vastly improved sleep – so cycling together in the evening will help the whole family nod off.


Research shows regular moderate activity, such as a simple walk, helps lower our levels of stress hormones and has a relaxing and calming effect on the body and mind.

Getting active this way releases those feel-good hormones into the bloodstream, and the natural high reduces stress and anxiety and ultimately helps to build self-esteem.

Walking is one of the most accessible exercises around – it can be done at anytime and anywhere – and what’s more, it’s free so there’s really no excuse.

The realbuzz community provides you with the health and support you need at whatever stage you’re at in your fitness journey.

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