Sarehole Mill

Sarehole Mill

There has been a mill on this site since 1542, but the current building dates from the mid-18th Century. In the 1850s a steam engine was installed and a chimney built, which provides Sarehole Mill with its distinctive silhouette.

The mill has connections with Matthew  Boulton, who leased Sarehole Mill between 1756 and 1761 and used it as a ‘flatting mill’, producing sheet metal used for button manufacturing. 

Another famous connection is with the author JRR Tolkien, author of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy. He lived across the road from the mill. Later in life he stated how the mill and rural surroundings inspired his writings of Middle-earth.

As well as taking in the history of the site, there is also a charming tea room for visitors to enjoy. It offers tea, coffee, delicious cakes, plus a whole host of other treats.

The mill has two waterwheels, one of which has until recently been operational and used to grind wheat. Sarehole wholemeal flour is sold from the mill shop. 

Unfortunately the waterwheel at Sarehole Mill is currently out of action, as we are unable to operate the machinery due to flood damage at the site earlier in the year. The hot summer weather and lack of rain has also had an effect.

We are working to get the waterwheel back up and running as soon as possible so the mill can start grinding again.

We will continue to keep visitors updated, but in the meantime Sarehole Mill is open throughout the summer, with lots of fun events and activities to enjoy.


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