Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo's recent developments include the impressive Otter Creek, exhibit housing our group of smooth-coated otters, it provides numerous viewing opportunities and an exciting and diverse habitat for the group. Wilds of Asia has also been recently completed, and houses our pileated gibbons, rhinoceros hornbills and red panda species in new, spacious and naturalistic enclosures.

Also open to visitors, is phase one of Colchester Zoo's Nature Area, accessible through the Tiger taiga viewing tunnel it encompasses a boardwalk around the scenic wetland habitat, with a specially constructed bird hide overlooking the lake and plenty of wildlife homes' such as bug hotels and bat boxes to help encourage different species to inhabit the area.

Our Amur Leopards enclosure, Leopards at Ussuri Falls provides a large home with separate enclosures for our Amur Leopards. The enclosure has been fitted with a new training wall so that you can see how Colchester Zoos training techniques are used to enrich our animals lives and aid vital research that is helping conservationists to protect this animal in the wild.

There is so much to see and do with just some of the sights including watching sea lions swimming above your heads at Playa Patagonia, and penguins swimming underwater at Penguin Shores. 

You can watch our white rhino, giraffes, zebras, greater kudu and ostriches together at the Kingdom of the Wild. Opposite you can see our herd of four elephants at Spirit of Africa.Colchester Zoo's Dragons of Komodo houses the two Komodo Dragons, and at Tiger Taiga you can see our pair of Amur tigers, which are one of the rarest big cat species.


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How to get here by Car:

Colchester Zoo is located just south of Colchester. Take the A1124 exit (Junction 26) off the main A12 following the brown elephant signs.

From the M25: About 40 minutes from Junction 28 of the M25 to reach the A12.

From Southend: About 1 hour's journey, 40 miles using A127 and A130 to reach the A12.

From Hertfordshire: About 1 hour's journey ââ'€š¬Ã¢'‚¬Å“ 50 miles using A414 or A120 to reach the A12.

From Stansted Airport: About 50 minutes journey, 30 miles using A120 to reach the A12. For car hire from Stansted Airport

Colchester Zoo is situated on Maldon Road in Stanway.

Car parking is free and disabled car parking spaces are available close to the zoo entrance. NB Blue badges must be displayed to use the disabled parking area

If you need a lift or could provide one and would like to help the environment ââ'€š¬Ã¢'‚¬Å“ why not share your car journey to the Zoo? Try these car share sites.

Please note that there are cycle racks provided at the top of the car parks, close to the Zoo entrance. Lockers are provided for a small charge to store crash helmets etc. during your visit.

How to get here by Train:

Colchester Main Train Station can be reached from Liverpool Street services from London within in an hour or is easily reached along the Lowestoft or Norwich networks to Ipswich and then on to Colchester. Colchester Zoo is just 10 minutes by taxi or can be reached by bus. See details below.

How to get here by Bus:
Main Bus Services

All bus services to Colchester Bus Station regularly connect with the Eastern National 75 for Maldon or Tiptree and Colchester Zoo. On arrival at Colchester Bus Station look for Stand 9.

You should alight in Head Street and catch one of the services listed above to travel back to North Station lay by from the front bus stop in Head Street (near the traffic lights).


After alighting from the Train, leave via the exit on platform 4, turn left and walk to the main road at the bottom. On your right are some traffic lights, which you should use to cross to the lay by bus stop on the opposite side of the road. Use service numbers 61, 65, 66, 67, 67A, 78 or 78A and alight in the main bus station (approx 10 minute journey), ask the driver if you are unsure.

Opening Times

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