Easter Activities

Easter Activities


5cd170696602d2775f2e42962782cb8f.jpgSo at the moment things are all a bit different; we can't go out for long, we certainly can't play in the park or stop for a picnic somewhere, but that doesn't mean we can't find som activities to do to make the coming weeks more fun for children and parents.

Having themed activities depending on the season, holiday, festival or your children's interests will encourage them to join in and spend longer on the activity.

I have come up with a few Easter activities to entertain your children (and you!)

  • Make Easter Bonnets. You could either decorate a hat you have at home or make a hat from card to then decorate. Use Spring pastel colours, ribbons, feathers, chicks, toys or chocolate eggs.
  • Make chocolate crispy nests (yummy!) Children love getting messy, being creative in the kitchen, feeling grown up and eating chocolate! So what better way to cover all of these!? Chocolate crispy nests! Melt some chocolate and butter (either slowly in a microwave or in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water) Make sure an adult helps you! Mix the melted chocolate with either crushed shredded wheat, cornflakes or rice crispies. Divide the mixture into small cake cases. I like to put mini eggs or jelly beans on top of my cakes but you could use a little toy chick or other sweets to represent eggs or chicks. Leave them to set and then share them with your friends and family. 477e146c28ed2fabf70eec245c3f56c9.jpgTry adding mini marshmallows or raisins to the chocolate mix.
  • Make Easter cards to give to family and friends. You could make rabbit cards, chick cards or an egg shaped card. Print our template or draw your own Easter picture. Decorate the card using anything you can find in the house. Most of you probably have buttons, ribbons and wrapping paper lying around.
  • Make paper plate masks of an Easter bunny or chick. Copy or print off our templates and then decorate with pens, paints, feathers or anything else you have.
  • Easter Egg Hunt-Children of all ages love surprises! Why not hide some eggs (pictures or chocolate) around the house (or garden if the weather is OK), give the children baskets and send them on an egg hunt! If you are using pictures of eggs give a prize to the child who finds the most eggs. (you may want to give the winner an Easter egg-give all of the other children a prize too, but make it slightly different from the winner) For older children think about writing clues on card eggs, chicks and bunnies to lead them to the final prize!
  • Decorate Eggs-you will need: eggs (not chocolate!), paints (food colouring works well and is safe), paint your egg and let the paint dry. Hold the egg lightly but firmly (so that you don't break it) using a pin make a small hole in one end and a slightly 2175_image(1).jpglarger hole in the other end. Stick the pin in as far as you can and pierce the yolk. Blow through the small hole until everything has come out of the egg. (Blow the contents into a bowl!) Or you could use soft boiled or hard boiled eggs and decorate the shells before eating them for breakfast!
  • Egg shaped biscuits-using any simple biscuit recipe(see ours) cut the biscuits into egg shapes and decorate so that it looks like a pretty Easter egg or with ears and whiskers to make to make the Easter bunny!
  • Make Easter bonnet biscuits-My Grandma used to make these every Easter for myself and my sisters and this year as she passed away I am going to make them for my sisters (and I'm sure my daughters and the husband will get a look in!)

You will need:

* Biscuit Recipe (click here)

* Marzipan

* Coloured icing

* Icing flowers (you can make these with the icing or buy them)

* Round biscuit cutter

* Small flower cutter

A cheat's way is to use a round biscuit (such as a Digestive or Rich Tea) or you can make round biscuits. Once the biscuits have cooled, roll a small piece of marzipan into a ball and squash it slightly. Place this in the middle of the biscuit. Roll out the coloured icing so that it is quite thin and will cover the whole biscuit, gently push the icing down f14e00adc9fc68cbb28dcdc013ed64b3.jpgaround the marzipan and over the whole biscuit. Use the biscuit cutter you used when making the biscuit and cut the icing so that it covers the whole biscuit. Roll out some more icing and using a small flower cutter cut three flowers for each bonnet. Cut out a thin strip as the ribbon. Use the icing to stick the ribbon around the hat and then place the flowers on.

  • Fingerprint chicks, bunnies, Easter egg picture (could be used to decorate cards.)-all you need is some paper or card and a small amount of paint. Simple fingerprints can look very effective with a few added extras - have a look at the ones we have done and then give them a go yourself or make up your own.
  • Easter buckets-If you are going to be taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt this year then you are going to need a basket to carry them all! So why not make an Easter basket or bucket. Find a container-an old ice cream tub, formula milk tin, children's shoe box, small beach bucket. You can then decorate the container with a handle, paint, glue, feathers, craft foam, felt, paper, ribbon and anything else you can find. You could decorate your container to look like a chick or the Easter Bunny or you can simply decorate it as you wish!
  • Have an Easter picnic-Use Easter cutters to cut sandwiches into egg shapes or flowers or bunnies. Make some of the Easter biscuits we talked about earlier. You could include Easter themed cupcakes, boiled eggs, hot cross buns, lamb and cous cous salad as well (Recipe HERE)

Ria Dumbleton

Ria has 2 girls and previously worked in nurseries for over 15 years and left managing a day nursery when her eldest was born. She now works for Raring2go! as our Digital Content and Strategy Manager

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