About Raring2go!™


It is a handy local magazine guide of what to do and where to go for parents and their children aged between 0 and 11. Raring2go! is also this vibrant, colourful and informative website.

There are over 50 Raring2go! editors working across the United Kingdom right now and we are growing. Four times a year our editors produce their magazines and distribute on average 13,500 copies each.

Each edition of Raring2go! is packed full of family friendly editorial, events listings, quirky features as well as highly relevant family facing advertising. This advertising is aimed at informing parents of the wide range of activities available to them on their own doorstep and much further a field across the UK. Our website provides a national focus and pools together all the local content for all visitors to enjoy irrespective of where they are or where they will be.

Raring2go! is franchise business, a long standing member of the British Franchise Association and is committed to ethical franchising. We can be contacted during normal working hours on 01273 447 101 or by emailing info@raring2go.co.uk

Each edition of Raring2go! is centrally produced by one print company, a carefully chosen partner who understands our business and strives to exceed our expectations. By printing centrally we ensure ongoing integrity of the Raring2go! brand, we eliminate quality issues and maintain a common style and feel across all editions from Worthing to Warrington and from Anglesey to Aberdeen.

As an advertising medium, Raring2go! provides advertisers with demonstrable value for money and proven return on investment at local, regional and national levels. If you would like to learn more about Raring2go! please do drop us a line. You will find our full contact details listed on the Contact Us page.

We welcome and value feedback and we would hope to hear from you with any comments or suggestions you may have to help us make Raring2go! even better.