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WILDnights sunset safari at Wild Zoological Park

WILDnights sunset safari at Wild Zoological Park

WILDnights is a brand new event for 2024 which will run across select evenings through May, June and July. 

Experience a vibrant exotic atmosphere as the sun sets over the zoo on a warm summer night. Our evenings will include a sunset spectacular show themed around the African savanna and tropical rainforests as the sun goes down.  A separate after dark owl flying demonstration will follow once night falls. 

Along with this, the evening will also consist of live music, authentic food, wandering entertainment and wildlife interaction. Experience the zoo like never before. The most tranquil time of day as dusk falls, you’re also free to explore the grounds and observe the animals as they settle for the evening. Then be transported to the Serengeti with one of our part wildlife experience and part theatrical spectacular productions. 

Zoo doors open for each WILDnights event at 7:30pm

Experience ends approximately 10pm. 

Dates include May 24, June 14 & 29, July 6, 12 and 13.

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Date And Time

24 May 2024 to
13 Jul 2024


Wild Zoological Park, Tom Lane, Halfpenny Green, Stourbridge
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