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Roman Gladiators fight to the death at Chiltern Open Air Museum this weekend

Roman Gladiators fight to the death at Chiltern Open Air Museum this weekend

Chiltern Open Air Museum will this weekend host the most spectacular Gladiatorial contest seen in our area since the 3rd Century AD. Renowned Roman re-enactors Britannia will display their terrifying fighting skills, elaborate costumes and authentic weaponry for the delight of the local patricians and plebeians alike.

Britannia are one of the oldest and largest historical re-enacting groups in the UK. Their expertise in the Roman era is in high demand for TV and Film. They’ve featured in Gladiator and Horrible Histories and have now risen once again to the giddy heights of Chiltern Open Air Museum auditorium of dreams.

The supreme spectacle will be enhanced with fully encouraged audience participation.  No fighting required from mums and dads or children but as honorary Romans you can cheer for your favourite warriors and decide who lives and who dies at the end of each blood curdling contest. Chatting to gladiators and taking selfies with them between battles will also get a thumbs up.

Helen Light, General Manager at COAM, said, “We are delighted to welcome the Gladiators back to the Museum. The fights are thrillingly realistic, and each warrior is mine of information about the period of the Roman occupation of Britain.  Knowledge they will enthusiastically share for museum visitors.  It’s great fun for all the family just like it was back in 250 AD.” 

Those about to die will salute you from 10am Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May.  Advance booking for this popular event is advised.”

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26 May 2024 to
27 May 2024


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