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Low & Slow Barbecue Masterclass with Lap-fai Lee

Low & Slow Barbecue Masterclass with Lap-fai Lee

We are delighted to welcome Lap-fai Lee back to Webbs for 2024! Food at Webbs are excited to bring you our seasonal Low & Slow Barbecue Masterclass.

Webbs will once again be partnering with renowned Birmingham chef Lap-fai Lee to bring you the ultimate Low & Slow Masterclass. Low & Slow barbecue is an American classic, a way to turn tough cuts into the most tender and delicious meats in this interactive 5-hour session. In this class we will take the mystery out of low and slow barbecue, starting with the basics. You will cook up an inspirational feast together using the very best charcoal kettles and pellet smokers from Weber and Traeger. The perfect event for barbecue and foodie enthusiasts!

The course covers:

Selection and preparation of meat cuts.
Choices of fuel and how to control them.
The use of rubs and marinades.
Correct cooking, resting and slicing.
Hotlinks mixing, stuffing and smoking.

The menu for the course: 

Smoked Lamb Barbacoa -Meltingly tender Tex-Mex smoked lamb shoulder with Pico de gallo and tortillas.
Hot Links – One of the real arts of BBQ is to make your own smoked sausages, and hot links are some of the best. You’ll learn to make from scratch, not just cook.
Pork spare ribs – Sweet & sticky, meaty pork ribs using secrets from one of the best in the country!.
Beef short ribs.
An assortment of classic dishes and sides.
Throughout the day you will have refreshments on hand, whether it be tea, coffee or water. 

Chef profile: Lap-fai Lee is a renowned Birmingham cook, tutor, food stylist, private cook and food teacher. He specialises in world cuisine, showcasing Central and south American, Southeast Asian and Oriental dishes to the food industry. When he’s not cooking, his range of cookery classes varies from his Low & Slow Barbecue courses at London Barbecue School to seafood and charcuterie knife skill lessons. Lap has been running courses with Food at Webbs since 2019 and we are excited for him to return in 2024.

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Date And Time

15 Jun 2024 @ 11:00 to
15 Jun 2024 @ 16:00


Webbs, Worcester Road, Droitwich
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