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Christmas in the Crystal Kingdom at Magic Alley

There are 4 specific types of session for Christmas in the Crystal Kingdom at Magic Alley:

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1. Christmas in the Crystal Kingdom for children over 5 (the majority of the sessions available)

These sessions require at least one child over 5 but younger siblings are welcome to accompany older siblings

We have made the decision to aim our event at slightly older children, in part because the event involves solving puzzles and clues as you move through the themed rooms. Children who cannot yet read therefore do not get the same experience as older children. We would also like to remind our valued visitors that if you do not want to engage in puzzles etc then our event is probably not the best for you as all of the timings are worked out on the basis of getting involved and therefore anyone who does not fully participate will just experience extended queuing times which we would like to avoid.

What does this event involve?

Enter Christmas in the Crystal Kingdom and make your way through our magical rooms completing the Christmas quest and solving puzzles on the way.

In 2023 your journey will start in our snow covered Enchanted Forest. There may be more than one family in the forest to reduce queuing but the Quest Elf will come and find your family and allocate the appropriate quest to start your journey through the Crystal Kingdom

In 2023 the quests will be age related and you will be asked when you book to select which quest is most appropriate for your child/children

You will then begin your quest before meeting Father Christmas and receiving an age appropriate present. Everyone will receive a present in these sessions including adults.

After visiting Father Christmas you will continue through the attraction engaging with various activities and elves culminating in a visit with The Ice Queen. There will then be some photo opportunities before you leave the attraction.

Making the experience more personal

In 2023 you will be asked to complete an online form to send us some information for “The Elf Reports”. If you participate then when you meet Father Christmas the Chief Elf will report back from the elves (be it your Elf on a Shelf or a teacher elf that hides in all schools). Hopefully this will ensure a unique and amusing experience. You can of course opt out by simply not filling in the form and if the information you provide is too generic to be used one of our team will be in touch to ask for alternative information.

The form to fill in will be contained in the Additional Information section of your ticket booking confirmation from Ticketsource so please look out for this when you book. Again there will be a strict deadline after which the form will be removed.

The form will contain space for information for up to 4 children – if you party has more than 4 children please email Sam our Head of Events on

The experience lasts around an hour

Father Christmas

If you came to visit us in 2022 and would like to see the same Father Christmas as you saw in 2022 (we have 2) then please email Sam on with a photograph of the Father Christmas your family saw in 2022 IN ADVANCE of booking and she will be able to advise the best available dates to book in order to ensure continuity subject to any unexpected circumstances or sudden illness.

This is only available for previous visitors – it is not possible to request a particular Father Christmas if you did not visit us in 2022 (except under very exceptional circumstances) and both of our Father Christmases have had excellent feedback and both have real beards. This is of course all subject to there still be availability for your chosen Father Christmas

Please note there is a minimum of 2 full price ticket for all slots

For the last weekend before Christmas (23rd and Christmas Eve) there is a minimum of 3 full price tickets per slot. This is in order to enable as many people as possible to see Father Christmas on these days given the late break up of schools and the fact that we have reduced the number of slots per hour to enable everyone to have a bit more time.

2. An Introduction to Father Christmas for children under 5 (Saturday 25th November from 10.20 to 12.55, 18th, 19th and 20th December from 10.20 to 1.30pm)

This session is perfect for introducing your child to Father Christmas

There is no quest in this session.

You will enter via the traditional entrance; you will see Father Christmas in The Ice Queen’s Palace and then go through the door into the forest to play in the snow

All time slots are groups slots that admit up to 6 people (£25) or 4 people (£20) – if you bring fewer people the cost will remain the same

You will be asked to give us the number of visitors when you book and tell use the age of the children – it will not be possible to bring more than 4 children to any one session.

Children receive presents in this session and it is likely to be a colouring book or equivalent. Babies will receive a baby’s first Christmas gift. Adults do not receive presents in this session.

This is very much intended to be a photo opportunity with Father Christmas and a way to introduce younger children to Father Christmas

This session will not be personalised based on feedback from 2022. Parents generally gave feedback that the personalisation was not picked up on by their children especially if the children were 3 or younger.

3. Christmas in the Crystal Kingdom with quest at Magic Alley for children aged 3 to 7 on  Sunday 26th November (afternoon) and Thursday 14th December (after school)  and includes a quest for younger children

4. Special Educational Needs sessions at Magic Alley this Christmas for children over 5 (Sunday 26th November from 10.20 to 2.35 and Wednesday 13th December from 3pm to 6.45)

In 2023 we are offering some specific sessions for children with additional needs

These will take place on:

Sunday 26th November up to 2.35pm

Wednesday 13th December after school

One carer ticket will be included per booking and evidence will need to be submitted when requested by our admin team. If for any reason you do not receive the email please bring your evidence with you

To be eligible you will need to provide one of the following documents:

DLA Letter

(Along with the ID of the person named within the letter – ie the parent if the letter is addressed to the parent, the individual if the individual is over 18)

These sessions will be quieter and there will be no flashing lights

Performers will gauge whether to approach your children and will take their lead from parents – this is with the exception of Chief Elf/Mrs Christmas who will call you in to see Father Christmas at the relevant time

After seeing Father Christmas it will be possible for families to overtake each other in case some children need a little extra time and others want to move faster.

It will generally be a more relaxed event with buffer slots to allow everyone to have a little more time and not feel rushed.

These sessions can be personalised using the link on the booking confirmation but please only fill this in if you feel your child will want to interact with the performers and Father Christmas. We would hate for anyone to feel awkward.


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19 Nov 2023 to
24 Dec 2023
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