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Brand Histories

Brand Histories

We are proudly re-launching over 80 Brand Histories, revealing the decade-to-decade evolution of today’s most iconic brands including Cadbury’s Milk Tray, Bisto, HP Sauce, Ovaltine and many more.  Previously a very popular display at our previous location in Colville Mews, the Brand Histories are back for the first time since 2015.

By looking at case studies of specific brands over time, it is possible to examine how the packaging has changed in response to the needs and concerns of consumers, businesses and wider society.  Little changes, which may go unnoticed at the time, become large changes over a number of years – you may be surprised by designs you haven’t seen for a long time!

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Date And Time

23 Apr 2024 to
31 Oct 2024


111-117 Lancaster Rd, London W11 1QT


020 7243 9611
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