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Smart 11 Plus Tuition

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With Smart 11 Plus, if you need 11+ tuition you have come to the right place!

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Our Solihull and Sutton Coldfield based Smart 11 Plus tutors will give your child outstanding support in their journey to grammar school.

We offer private group 11+ tuition to assist your child in their preparation.  Our unique 11+ courses are personalised to meet the needs of each individual child.

We will give your child the best chance of success in the 11+ examination.

11 Plus Specialists
The 11 plus is the area we specialise in and the only area for which we tutor. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the CEM test which all King Edward VI Grammar Schools use.

Genuine Fully Qualified Teachers
At Smart 11 Plus Tuition Solihull, we employ fully qualified teachers with QTS and full DBS checks.

Small Groups
We provide 11 Plus group sessions with small ratios to ensure that all pupils needs are met.  They will offer your child a healthy environment, in which they will be offered tailored support in the areas they need to develop.

Bespoke online home learning
Smart 11 Plus have a proud partnership with BOFA and are delighted to be able to offer full access to their online system as part of your lesson package. No other online tutoring system delivers bespoke, dynamic learning that individually guides each student to 11+ success.

Pass the 11+ with a smile

  • Outstanding personalised small group tuition
  • Two-week guarantee – we are so confident your child will love our tuition that we offer a no tie-in guarantee for all new members
  • Tailored curriculum – new for 2022 exam, reflecting the most recent 11 plus GL examinations
  • Specialist sessions covering all aspects of the 11 plus examinations
  • Low group numbers promise – 1 tutor to 6 children
  • Ofsted registered centre with an outstanding reputation
  • Fully-equipped, beautiful, spacious classrooms
  • Two dedicated tutors per child with subject specialisms in maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • Well-qualified and experienced teachers with full DBS checks.
  • Free and award-winning homework to support in-centre learning
  • Tax-Free Childcare and Childcare Voucher Schemes
  • Free assessment available for all new customers
  • Free analysis phone call following the assessment to underpin exactly what your child needs help with to succeed
  • Membership options from just £22.50 per session.
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