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About PeePS

When a child suffers with symptoms such as daytime wetting and bedwetting, it does not only affect the child’s confidence but it can also take over the parents’ lives too. It soon becomes all-consuming and we’ve found that parents often find it very difficult to think about anything else. It can place a huge amount of strain and stress on the family and they might feel restricted taking part in activities, sleepovers and establishing relationships with peers.

Although statistics show 1:12 children are affected with bladder and bowel problems (ERIC, The Children’s Bladder and Bowel Charity), many families feel alone and very isolated. Regardless of this, wetting seems like such a taboo subject and not one we openly discuss. Many families are unsure of where to turn to for advice.

At Pee Paediatric Services (PeePS) we are aware that early intervention is paramount. We offer support and advice to children from 5 – 17 years of age, motivating children to become ‘The boss of their bladder’ through strategies and techniques designed to help improve their overall bladder symptoms.

Starting with conservative measures such as fluid intake, toileting routines and treatment where required. PeePS help increase parents’ knowledge to help improve their child’s bladder symptoms with regular guidance and support along the way.

Cheryl Jennings

PeePS was founded by Cheryl Jennings, an experienced Clinical Nurse Practitioner in Paediatric Urology. With 23 years of experience and over 10 years leading and specialising in care of children with lower urinary tract dysfunction, you can be reassured that Cheryl will provide you with a high level of knowledge and expertise. But please don’t take our word for it., here’s a statement from Deborah who sought help from Cheryl when her son was suffering with bladder incontinence issues;

“I first came across Cheryl when my son was having major bladder incontinence issues. Other medical professionals we had been dealing with had basically told me there was nothing else they could do to help and I was completely at my wits end.

After undertaking some research I contacted Cheryl to see if she could help. That first phone call felt like someone was finally listening to me and understood what my son was going through, and more importantly, she knew she could help us. For the first time, we felt like we were not alone. Right from the beginning Cheryl was professional, understanding and above all, very caring. 

She has such a lovely manner with both myself and my son and very quickly put us at ease. She is very knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond to help. Any questions or concerns that I had (and there were many!) she would respond extremely quickly and thoroughly. I will be forever grateful that we found her when we did!”

People travel all over to come and see Cheryl in her Sale clinic

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