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Glo-Fest Holiday Camp

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glo-fest holiday camp

Discover your inner glow with Glo-Fest Holiday Camps.

What the course entails:

Scavenger Hunts – Specifically designed by and exclusive to Glo-Fest, scavenger hunts that will seek out each participants individual strength within the team to solve the riddles, read the maps and find the hidden rewards!

Team Building – Encouraging leadership and teamwork, we have created a number of games and challenges from designing and building the ‘tallest tower’ to the ‘egg drop challenge’.

Secret Missions – Designated tasks deliberately created to teach individuals that whatever may be ‘going on’ in their head, whether it be feeling sad or ‘out of sorts’, in fact no one else can see these feelings that they may be experiencing.

Werewolves – A few classic games of ‘werewolves’ (think BBC’s Traitors). This is a classic ‘old school’ game of communication, deception and survival! Can you survive a night in the village? Will the werewolves prevail or can the villagers seek them out before it is to late?

Epic Quests – Navigate a drone from the sky as you guide your team from check point to check point. Can you beat the clock?

Outdoor Games and Challenges – A huge selection of outdoor games that encourage teamwork, leadership skills and build resilience. Including but not limited to – Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Base Battle, Glo-Zone and Handball.

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We are delighted to be providers of the Holidays and Food Activities Programme (HAF)

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