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Froggle Parties


Froggle Parties offer children’s entertainers that are high energy and non stop fun!

We cover most of the country and cater for kids any age. Our brilliant and energised team are trained by us to be the best in the business and know exactly how to interact with the children to keep them gripped from start to finish. For kids entertainers that stand out, it has to be Froggle Parties!

Planning a kids birthday party can be daunting, but whichever of our children’s parties you choose, it’ll be crammed full of amazing activities that keep your kids fully engaged from start to finish. Don’t forget we tailor the party to suit your needs. What ever you choose, we promise it’ll be a party out of this world! Get in touch, to discuss the best party for you.

If you have a specific idea of what you’re after and don’t want to go for one of the specific options on our website, then we’re very happy to tailor the party to suit your needs. Simply tell us what you want and we can accommodate that for you.

Of all the children’s entertainers in Warwickshire why choose Froggle Parties?
Good question – One of the keys to a successful children’s party is variation in the activities offered. Kids don’t like doing the same thing for too long in a party environment, or esle they get restless. So this is exactly why every party we do is jam packed full of variety, fun and high energy activities that kids absolutely adore!!

What’s more, we don’t prescribe the order of activities before the party so we can adapt to the children’s energy levels on the day. e.g. if the children are really hyper we won’t sit them down for a magic show.

Too many kids entertainers prescribe what they are going to do in advance, and that simply may not work on the day, so whilst we discuss with you what activities we will do at your party in advance, the order on the day may vary each time.

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