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Elite Touch Football Academy Football Camp

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Elite Touch Football Academy Football Camp 

Get the children booked on for this Summer football camp… why?

Elite Touch Football Academy Football Camp offers a plethora of benefits for kids, both on and off the field. Firstly, it provides a structured environment for children to develop their football skills under the guidance of experienced coaches, enhancing their technique, tactical understanding, and physical fitness. Moreover, the camp fosters teamwork and sportsmanship, teaching kids the importance of cooperation, communication, and respect for others.

Beyond the sport itself, Elite Touch Football Academy Football Camp promote overall health and wellness, encouraging participants to stay active and adopt healthy habits. They also offer valuable opportunities for personal growth, boosting confidence, self-esteem, and resilience as children face challenges and overcome obstacles during training sessions and friendly matches.

Furthermore, Elite Touch Football Academy Football Camp can be instrumental in cultivating lifelong friendships and social skills as kids interact with peers who share their passion for the game. Overall, attending a football summer camp equips children with essential skills and experiences that extend far beyond the confines of the football pitch, enriching their lives in numerous ways.


Elite Touch Football Academy sessions will comprise of the following: 

Warm ups
Ball Mastery
Passing & Dribbling
Small sided Games
Penalty Shootout Competitions


This  Summer holiday Camp session times are:
Monday 12th August – Friday 16th August -10am – 1:15pm daily10.00am- 13.15pm
Ages: 6-16years
Discounts for block bookings and additional siblings.
Venue: Britannia Park, Rowley Village, Rowley Regis, B65 9HH

Call now on 07035 723037



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