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CKMA Family Karate

Childrens Classes
CKMA family karate

At CKMA (Central Korean Martial Arts), we teach a traditional Korean style called Tang Soo Do Karate which has roots that can be traced back to over 2000 years ago and is made up of 3 of the world’s most powerful martial arts; Okinawan Karate, Korean So Bahk Do and Chinese Kung Fu.

Established in 2014, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and always push for the highest standards from all students.

We teach a traditional martial art, which as an effective, all round and complete discipline, we train ’empty hand’ but also work with the staff, and for senior grades, knife.

We line up to do basic drill work, kicking, blocking techniques, combinations and forms/patterns.

There’s also lots of pad work, partner work such as 1-step, 3-step, self defence techniques and sparring.

To begin, the sparring that you will participate in will be non-contact so that you grasp the basic concepts then as you progress, light semi-contact sparring will be introduced. (Protective sparring safety equipment is available to purchase via your Instructor)

Unlike many groups we do not ask for you to pay anything except your class fee for the classes that you attend to begin with. (This gives you time to make sure its something that you like and, for parents, to make sure the children are not going to change their minds as soon as you have paid out!)

Once that you have decided that you are interested we suggest that you contact the Instructor through email, phone or simply come along observe a class and have a good chat about what is involved, what is expected, costs, any concerns or injuries/health problems that you may have.

To start, the first class is always free, we suggest that you wear tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt, we train barefoot and suggest that you bring a drink along with you.

You will most likely be partnered off with a senior grade student for the first few weeks who can help you and teach/show you the way.

We find that this gives the new students the best start.

Everyone is very helpful and friendly and you will have help and support at every level throughout your training, both from your Instructor and other students alike.

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