Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

5e5720af89cdb2fa445b42e80a1a6520.pngWith Mother's Day approaching it's a brilliant opportunity to celebrate with your Mum, Grandma, Nan, anyone you want to treat!  Celebrated across lots of different countries, it's also knows as Mothering Sunday in the UK.  This year, it falls on Sunday 14th March 2021.

Now, this year is going to be different than usual, so how about you have a got at making afternoon tea for a special treat?  It's something that even the littlist hands can help with which will make it so much more special for everyone.  There is no specific food that's attributed to Mother's Day, but here are some of our favourite ideas.

Plan Ahead...

Think through everything that you're going to do, nothing worse that being half-way through making something to realise that you're missing something.  Especially at the minute when "popping to the shops" isn't the best idea.

Have a think about how many people you are catering for?  What are their favourite foods/flavours (or more importantly what do they dislike?).  Are you going to have this together around a table or will you be delivering it to their doorstep for them to enjoy? There are lots of things to take into consideration.

If you are doing a "doorstep delivery" have a think about what you need to deliver it. When you are doing your shopping you may be able to pick up a large box/carton from the supermarket which could be fashioned into a delivery box which could be easily decorated by 2454a27981a0b564cd3c9b412ff094ec.pngthe children. 

If you're opting for decorating a table then whilst it's lovely to have "the best China" out for special occasions, you don't need all of that to make it special.  Whatever you have available will be just perfect - the special element of this is the thought taken to choose the menu and make it perfect for Mother's Day.

Whether you're going for doorstep delivery or table settings you can get the children involved in making cards ahead of the day and also keep them busy making some decorations/placements etc - whatever suits your occasion, you'll find some ideas here.

The Menu

Once you have a clear picture of what you're going to make, you need to pull the individual elements together.  Now this can be as complex or as simple as you make it.  I would suggest that you keep it simple - a couple of elemnts done well is much better than a whole heap of them thrown together.  And remember - there is only so much people can eat and we don't want to have lots of waste (or be eating it for days afterwards!).

One way to combat this to get the children to draft up a menu ahead of the day and ask Mum/Grandama etc to select their preferences.  Bear in mind if you have any dietary requirements (vegan/gluten free etc) to consider at this stage too.

You can always "think outside the box".  What's stopping you having a themed 5aadae6fbe42492d0d8ea3d238067c42.pngoption - why not go for an Italian theme with pizza slices or you could have a traditional fish and chips theme - the trick is to make it what your Mum would love, that's most important. 

If you're sticking with a more traditional format, there are some firm favourites that you can choose from:

Sandwiches:  The staple element of the tea.  Think about what bread you'll choose, and a selection of fillings that everyone enjoys.  If you want to make it look really fancy, cut the crusts off and if you're appealing to little ones why not use a cutter to make the sandwiches into funky shapes?

Savoury items:  Thinking of your audience a sausage roll, mini sausages, cheese cubes and wedges of quiche are all great for little hands to hold and popular with adults too.  

The treats: Scones are the most popular choice here but that doesn't mean that you have to have them.  If you're not a fan, opt for something else.  It's all about what suits you.  If scones are your thing, served with butter, jam and cream is a real treat.  A nice idea is to have a selection of different cakes/biscuits that are bite sized so you can try a variety without being overwhelmed.

Have a think about drinks.  Traditionally lose leaf tea would be served in pots, but that's not so popular these days.  A regular cup of tea will work perfectly, but so will a coffee 95bfaca1756e4513ef34b314b69213dd.pngor hot chocolate if that's more your Mum's thing.  Or you could turn it up a notch and serve it with a bottle of fizz, depending on what you think she'd prefer. 

There are lots of things to consider when preparing an afternoon tea but the most important thing is to make it suit your Mum.  As long as it contains her favourites that's most important and you'll know what that is.

Whether you choose to make elements yourself (find some ideas here), buy some ready made items from the supermarket, or get in touch with a local company who will provide it for you, your Mum will love it, as you've thought about all the elements and made sure that they are what she will love.  After all, it's always the thought that counts.

Jayne Deakin

Jayne Deakin

Editor of Raring2go! in Bury and Bolton areas, Jayne is keen to make sure you hear it here first by sharing local news and ideas for great things happening on your doorstep.

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