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Aberdeenshire 29.6 miles
Fairy Day

A day filled with magical adventures, mythical creatures and making memories to treasure at Belwade Farm!

Aberdeen City 18.08 miles
Shrek The Musical

An irresistible mix of adventure, laughter and romance, guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages!

Aberdeenshire 25.09 miles
Crathes Outdoor Theatre: Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

Meet Ben, an 11-year-old want-to-be plumber fed up with spending his Friday nights at Granny’s...

Aberdeenshire 4.1 miles
David Walliams' Gangsta Granny at Pitmedden Garden

Meet Ben, an 11-year-old want-to-be plumber fed up with spending his Friday nights at Granny’s.

Aberdeenshire 20.86 miles
David Walliams' Gangsta Granny at Leith Hall

Meet Ben, an 11-year-old want-to-be plumber fed up with spending his Friday nights at granny’s.

Aberdeenshire 21.74 miles
Bus Collection Open Day

See buses from decades long past, take a ride around our track and visit their collection centre on site

Aberdeenshire 25.09 miles
Furry scurry: Children's Rodent Walk at Crathes

Celebrating all things ratty, mousy, small and furry! We’re taking a closer look at our furry friends.

Aberdeenshire 16.68 miles
Pond Dipping Castle Fraser

Join us for some pond dipping and find out more about the amazing world of water creatures in this special pond.

Aberdeenshire 21.22 miles
Super Salmon Day!- A fun day out at Macduff Marine Aquarium

Come celebrate the International Year of the Salmon with a special day of events at Macduff Marine Aquarium! 

Aberdeenshire 4.1 miles
Minibeast Monsters! Children's Walk Pitmedden

Join the Rangers to discover the fascinating world of minibeasts out on Pitmedden estate.....

Aberdeenshire 0 miles
Bugs Day: Haddo House

Ever wondered what kind of bugs creep about Large houses like Haddo House? This is the perfect Family activity!

Aberdeenshire 16.68 miles
Mr Magnolia at Castle Fraser

Join Mister Magnolia on his wacky adventures. Based on the book by the wonderful Quentin Blake.

Aberdeenshire 19.95 miles
Echt Show

A fantastic day out for the family:animals, food fayre, funfair, traditional Scottish events & more.

Aberdeen City 18.08 miles

Katie Sykes’ design lifts the book from the page and creates a real and fantastical world, roaring fun for all ages.

Aberdeenshire 25.09 miles
Minibeasts and Marvellous Moths, Children's Walk at Crathes

Help us empty the moth traps that we set up the night before, see who’s in the beetle traps.......

Aberdeenshire 4.1 miles
Mr Magnolia at Pitmedden Garden

Join Mr Magnolia on his wacky adventures, based on the book by Quentin Blake. It’s a day out not to be missed!

Aberdeenshire 21.74 miles
Big Stuff Rides

Enjoy an afternoon of rides around the museum's outdoor circuit in one of many large, commercial vehicles!

Aberdeenshire 25.09 miles
Crathes Outdoor Theatre: Wind in The Willows

Join Mole, Ratty and Badger on their mad-cap adventures in this heart-warming tale of friendship, mishap and mayhem.

Aberdeenshire 7.97 miles
New Deer Show

Situated in the heart of Buchan, Aberdeenshire our full two day show has one of the largest horse shows in the area.

Aberdeenshire 21.74 miles
Alford 10K Running Festival

GTM has always attracted cycling events and activities but now we are keen to host a 10K running race

Aberdeenshire 29.88 miles
Stoneheven Highland Games

The next Stonehaven Highland Games will be held at Mackie Academy Playing Fields on Sunday 21st July 2019

Aberdeenshire 0 miles
Minibeasts & Marvellous Moths, Haddo House, Children's Walk

Help us empty the moth trap set up the night before, see what is in the beetle traps and beat trees.