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Who are Home Start and what do they do?

I know I struggled when I had a baby, and I had good family and friends around to support me. Still…. I cried a lot! And it makes me wonder, if I didn’t have my amazing family and friends, how would I have coped? There are a lot of people out there who do not have family, or any close friends, or either. It could be for a multitude of reasons, but whatever it is, you popping around and helping for a couple of hours a week could make all the difference in the world.

Here are some quotes from families that Home Start Wyre Forest have supported;

“There is no other charity that can do what these people continue to do daily. They thrive off knowing they’ve helped families succeed and achieve the support they need, to continue a happy healthy life for both themselves and their children. Having met the ladies, I cannot fault a single one, as they all have hearts of gold and will do anything to help another person. I’m so grateful for HSWF and everything they’ve done for me and my family and one day I hope to be able to return the happiness they’ve given me. They’ve given me a look into the future and what I want to do. If I could help just half as many people as these amazing selfless people do, I know I’ve done alright”.

“As a single Dad, it took me a long time to ask for help as a man and actually get out with my two children. The staff are always amazing and everyone who goes to group always smiles and speaks. It puts us all in a happier place”.

“They’re always there to help when there’s a bump in the road along the rough journey some of us travel. They’ve inspired so many to want to help others who are exactly where they have been”.

“I love them like they’re my friends. Keep up the good work and thanks for being amazing. The groups, the support, the volunteers; they are an amazing team who need recognition- caring helpful warmth friends”.

“I wouldn’t have managed without their help and my family would have fell apart. They are amazing”.

“Someone who is there no matter how bad your day is and provides a safe place to meet up and cry if needed and an ear, also having volunteers that come to your house when you aren’t up to going out. Stops the feeling of isolation. I would still be struggling with my son and being in an area I don’t know anyone if it wasn’t for the volunteers and HSWF. I have somewhere I can go to each week if I feel well enough and if I don’t they do check in on you.”

“It has been a very difficult year for my family and you’ve helped keep us strong and positive through the emotional rollercoaster”.

“They are not just an agency  …..they are family”.


To find out more about becoming a Home-Start volunteer please ring the office on 01562 825896

Home Start provides volunteers with:

  • Enhanced disclosures (DBS)
  • Training course (one day a week for 9 weeks or a bespoke hybrid course)

  • Volunteer support meetings

  • 1-2-1 support and supervision from
    a Co-ordinator

  • A programme of on-going training

  • A regular newsletter

  • Social events

  • Expenses

  • The chance to make a difference!

Our team of volunteers are all local people who have completed a 10 week Preparation Course with the scheme and can offer 2-3 hours a week to support a local family. Our volunteers have an understanding of parenting issues and know how hard it can be and are able to provide sensitive support, encouragement and friendship at a difficult time in a family’s life.

If you feel you need support – 

Home Start can offer support to any parent or main carer of a child if they:

  • Live in The Wyre Forest District

  • Have at least one child under 18 years of age

  • Are experiencing difficulties and feel in need of extra support

  • Have given their consent to be referred to the scheme.

Many families contact us directly, whereas others may be referred through their Health Visitor, Social Worker, Children`s Centre or other agency. Direct contact can be made through our email, or by telephone on  01562 825896. 

Home-Start Volunteers are flexible and friendly in their approach and will offer the sort of support the family has told us would help. They will visit for two to three hours each week over a significant period of time, to enable them to build a trusting relationship with both parents and children.

Many of our families also attend our Family group to meet other parents and form friendships within their own community, which can be so hard to do if you are experiencing a difficult time.

To find out more visit the Home Start Wyre Forest website.

Please note: There is also a Home Start Dudley.


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