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Shrek the Musical Review… one word to sum it up ‘Shrektacular!’

Shrek The Musical Birmingham

We loved it! A 5-star performance for sure. Read on for our full Shrek the Musical Review.

Last night my nephew had a night off from revising for his GCSE’s to come and see Shrek The Musical at The Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham, and what a great time we both had, an evening full of smiles and laughter.

The costumes and stage were all spectacular! Shrek was disgusting but lovable, Fiona was a good mix of Ogre and Princess, and Donkey was cute and funny. Lord Farquaad was a bit ‘Panto’ like; really funny to watch. The Dragon was done in a great way, and what a voice she had too! My Nephew and I particularly liked the Gingerbread man as well; how they staged him was very good, and Georgie who voices him got it spot on!

The storyline follows the film, which my nephew and I were pleased with. With the addition of some fantastic music and dance, of course, I particularly liked the ‘Welcome to Duloc’ song and dance, the tap-dancing Rats, and the ‘Make a Move’ song where Donkey sings like shaft and the 3 blind mice are the backup singers and dancers, using their canes as a prop.

I’ll leave it there before I give everything away! I’d recommend it for adults, little kids and big kids alike, especially if you’re a fan of the film. (The little kids will be laughing out loud at the farting, burping and belching song/competition that Shrek and Princess Fiona have!).

Shrek The Musical is showing at The Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham until THIS SUNDAY only, (14 April), there aren’t many seats left at all but there are a few, so go book yourself a spontaneous evening or afternoon out; find out who Lord Farquaad’s dad is and have a good old dance and sing along to ‘I’m a Believer‘ which is such a fun finale!

Read more about the show and book tickets.

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