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Plan the perfect Easter Egg Hunt at home

Easter Egg Hunt At Home

Are you thinking about organising your own Easter Egg Hunt at home this year?

Easter time calls for lots of Chocolate-y fun. Kids (and adults) love searching around for hidden treats so here are some hints and tips from Raring2go! to make this year’s hunt the best yet.

  • If you have a big garden with lots of bushes and plants to hide eggs behind that’s great but make sure you have a contingency plan to move indoors if the weather is against you.
  • Add a few extra treats for greedy grown-ups who want to tuck in!
  • Keep the sugar levels in check by including some non-chocolate Easter egg alternatives such as small Easter themed puzzles, colouring-in, small soft toys or wearable bunny ears. You could hide the prizes in plastic eggs to keep up the ‘egg’ theme.
  • If toddlers or small children are involved, don’t hide the eggs too high, and also make sure that there is nothing potentially dangerous.
  • You could have some fun with your little ones ahead of the hunt by decorating a container with Easter pictures and stickers.
  • A series of clues can make for a more ordered Easter egg hunt at home as well as making the fun and entertainment last a little longer. Choose word based or picture clues to suit the ages of your children. Grandparents and other friends and family who can’t be there on the day could record short video clues.
  • Count the eggs before you hide them and keep track of how many have been found.
  • Young children will want to enjoy their chocolate rewards as soon as they find them. If you are planning a big family lunch think about timings to make sure you don’t ruin their appetites ahead of the meal.

If taking the kids out to an organised Easter Egg Hunt or trail is more your style – click here for some of our favourite events taking place this year

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