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The Listening Herd CIC

The Listening Herd - Equine Assisted Therapy For Children And Adults Children's Activity Sessions

Equine facilitated Learning and Therapy for children and adults

The Listening Herd - equine assisted therapy for children and adults
The Listening Herd CIC provides Equine facilitated Learning and Equine facilitated Therapy for children and adults from the age of 6 upwards.
People come to The Listening Herd when something isn’t working in their life or they are seeking support for their children or those in their care who are struggling to stay in education, are finding it difficult to cope with social interactions, are experiencing huge life changes or have mental or physical challenges.

Our work is all about helping people to understand their emotions that lead them to behave the way they do in certain situations. We support them to find their true authentic self: not the person they think they need to be in order to “fit in.”
During sessions the work with the horses at ground level, no riding is involved. We combine a number of different creative activities with the horses in a peaceful heart centred environment which gives space to grow and learn.

Horses make learning easy because they are present in the moment, they are authentic and use their emotions as information. They will not cooperate easily with someone who is not in line with their intentions, they do not judge, they simply respond, giving humans honest and valuable feedback. Spending guided time in the presence of horses creates the optimum environment to allow our nervous systems to regulate. Gently, and without judgment they support us to shift our attention from our busy cluttered minds and become present in the moment.

However, the uniqueness of the work that we offer is not all about the horses. What is also vital for real learning and growth to happen is an environment in which someone feels safe to speak their truth and to be vulnerable without being shamed.
Working with the horses allows children and adults to:

Develop their self-confidence and self-worth
Develop resilience and trust
Learn to set healthy boundaries
Control their fear and manage their anxiety
Understand and regulate their emotions
Deal with disappointments
Improve their communication

Children's activity sessions with the listening herd

If you think you, your child or teenager may benefit from spending time in the fresh air in the presence of our beautiful horses then please do not hesitate to contact us. We can answer any questions you may have and are happy to arrange a visit to Chaddesley Corbett for a free no obligation “taster” session to feel the benefits of working with the horses.
For more information please visit:

Please call Helene on 07718 808118,
or Maggie on 07891 586289.

Email, or


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