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Lotherton – Around the World in 80 Stories Review

We were so chuffed to head back to Lotherton, near Leeds today; we first visited last Christmas for their incredible Christmas experience, and the only down side was it was dark so we didn’t really get to see any of Lotherton Hall itself. So when we got the opportunity to head back during half term, we couldn’t wait! 

During half term they have been running ‘Around the world in 80 stories’ – there are some interactive stories and others are props to spot from stories or little stories to read for yourselves. Our boys were most chuffed with the explorer in the wildlife park – as massive wannabe explorers themselves, they couldn’t believe it when they spotted her! Try as they might, they couldn’t locate the Why Not Bird 😆

We hadn’t realised there was a little wildlife park there which is just so incredibly sweet. The boys couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the penguins who seemed to love nothing more than to play games chasing children’s hands around the glass. Bears favourite animal was the white cheeked turaco – he was smitten with it, and they loved seeing the bats! 

There was more to be found in the house itself, dressing up in a variety of costumes and Victorian garb and some more story props to be found too.

We had a lovely wander around the grounds, played in their great playground, got ice cream from the cafe, played giant garden games in the garden and became statues in the grounds! 

There’s so much to keep little ones entertained, we will definitely be back, Lotherton has so much to offer all year round, and even more so when there is an event like this on.

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