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Some Mothers Do Ave Em Tour

Review: Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em at The Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham

We was very much looking forward to seeing Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em until we saw what the weather had in store last night but if the cast can perform in the intense heat then we can certainly sit and watch them was what we thought as we reached our seats.

And we were not disappointed! Joe Pasquale as Frank Spencer was absolutely brilliant, his comic timing, his characterization capturing all the quirks associated to Frank Spencer was absolutely spot on and the audience loved it.

Sarah Earnshaw as Betty had the same patient and nurturing qualities which helped balance Franks crazy and hilarious ideas.

Susie Blake as Franks Mother in law was brilliant, her dead pan response and delivery during the craziness of the scenes was utter joy combined with incredible comic timing.

All the cast were amazing and all contributed to a roller coaster of ride through the story of Franks important day, he’s got an interview with the BBC which he’s so excited about but Betty has some very special  news that she’s trying to tell him and mayhem descends! The scenery was a big part of the show and added to comedic timing , who needs a letterbox?!

Watch the trailer HERE

If you’ve not heard of Frank Spencer and  want some pure escapism for a few hours then head to the Alexandra this week for a great show that will have you laughing from the beginning to the end. If you have heard of Frank Spencer then you’ll absolutely love it as Joe gives you everything that you want and expect from a Frank Spencer performance. It was so good to see a real mix of ages at the theatre and I was sat behind two teenagers who were howling with laughter. I asked them why they came to see the show and they said that they’d be introduced to Frank from a young age as the series was a family favourite and they’d watched it with their grandparents and on youtube.

The show was supported by a great music sound track to include some classic songs from the 70’s which really added to whole experience. Fun, laughter, intrigue and nostalgia what more could you want from a night out?!


review by Lisa Bayliss

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