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Drenched Mini Water Polo

Children swim, pass and shoot to score goals and have limited contact with each other. The school is aimed at children 7 to 12 years old and has three key goals:

  • Make the game accessible to all
  • Increase awareness of Water Polo

Increase participation of Mini Water Polo across Sussex”

Matthew White is an active water polo player with Worthing Swimming Club and has played for two of Britain’s most prestigious teams – West London Penguin and Invicta. He also represented Great Britain at junior level. Matt is a qualified swimming teacher, lifeguard and water polo coach.

London 2012 Legacy For Water Polo?

It seems like only yesterday London was centre stage for the biggest sporting event on the planet. The ‘legacy games’ were a resounding success and GB entered a Water Polo team for the first time since 1956. However, 5 years on the expected legacy for Water Polo remains to be seen.

The funding programme for Water Polo and other team sports was completely cut, with the focus heavily on individual sports. This makes sense if medals are the main measure of success and here is why:

Water Polo has 13 athletes and one medal chance

Cycling can have one athlete and one medal chance

So the cost per medal chance is far better when individual sports are the focus.

Whilst this is clearly a successful strategy for Team GB, it causes an issue for team sports because they receive little to no funding. The real concern is not the impact on elite athletes but the knock on effect at grass-roots level. Under-funded sports gets less media coverage, have less interest and overtime, lose participation levels – leaving sports like Water Polo at risk of being forgotten.

Initiatives like Drenched Mini Water Polo aim to reverse that cycle by making the sport more accessible and increasing awareness of the game. The current water polo community has to take on the responsibility for the future of the game and ensure the legacy of 2012 isn’t lost.

In a world where winning appears to be everything, “it’s the taking part that counts” is more relevant than ever and should not be forgotten.


The Firefighters Charity, Fitzalan Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5NF

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