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Healthy eating in a hurry


veg(1).jpg€€¹Ã¢‚¬€¹A speedy healthy snack after school, a quick marching out the door to school breakfast, a nutritious nibble on the go. Convenient, ready to eat snacks are often high in empty calories, salt and sugar.

Here are some great snack ideas to keep handy for when the hunger-monster strikes!

After-school Snack Platter

After school kids are often hungry. Really hungry. So hungry that in my experience they will sit absentmindedly eating almost anything you put in front of them. Rather than a bowl of sugar-laden cereal this is a great opportunity to get them dipping away with some crunchy veggies or fruit.

You'll need:

Sticks of carrot, cucumber or red pepper

Slices of apple

Blob of humus

Handful of mixed fruit and nuts

Skip the breadsticks because you'll be far more likely to get them to eat the veggies if they don't fill up on bread first. You could follow up with some crackers or toasted, sliced wholemeal pitta for dipping if they are still hungry.

Swap crisps for€¦

Popcorn. Win parenting points by involving the kids in making homemade or skip to the shops for one of the lower sugar kinds that aren't smothered in toffee. It's high in fibre and if you don't add loads of oil or sweet toppings it's a low calorie snack the whole family will enjoy.

Seaweed. Nori seaweed sheets are normally used to make sushi, but bought dry and toasted they can be snipped-up into tasty sheets of lightly fudge.jpgsalted yumminess. The pre-packed ones in the shops are often highly seasoned so opt for ones with a lower salt content.

On the go Snacks

Chocolate and Orange Fudgy Bombs

My kids absolutely love Nakd branded fruit bars. They are made with natural ingredients like raisins and nuts so are packed with nutritious stuff, but also cost a small fortune and only come in packets of 4 bars which disappear in the blink of an eye. We've found that it can be great fun to make your own combinations in a food processor and my top tip €€œ stick €˜em in the freezer as they are delicious and fudgy eaten frozen and also store really well.

You will need:

200g Raisins

150g Ground Almonds

2 tbs. Cocoa Powder (plus extra for dusting)

Zest of 1 orange

Sprinkle of Cinnamon

Juice to get desired €˜dough' consistency

Pop the lot in the food processor. Roll into golf balls and dust in cocoa powder or ground almonds to prevent sticking. Freeze. Eat straight out of the freezer or pack in a Tupperware box for €˜on the go' snacking.

Get the kids cooking!

Children love to help out in the kitchen and simple recipes like homemade humus, simple smoothies or these Chocolate and Orange Fudgy Bombs can be a great way to introduce them to new flavours and build their confidence in the kitchen. Cookery Doodle Doo is the fastest-growing children's cooking school in the UK and we've got lots of great 0b52c2d-1(1).jpgrecipes and tips on our website.

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