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Boppers and Rockers!

Boppers and Rockers!

Boppers & Rockers Parties!

We are Boppers & Rockers - we offer an exciting and unique party for your children.

Upon arriving at the party, your child joins either the Boppers or the Rockers, and then the fun begins. We play a whole host of individual and team games so that your children can win points for their team. Mixing traditional and modern games, we keep all of the children involved from start to finish. Whether it is dancing competitions, running races or dressing up activities, your child is sure to have plenty of fun.

At the end of the party, there is only one thing to announce....who has won. The Boppers or the Rockers?

As well as points on offer, we also give out prizes, with a special prize for the birthday child. Even the adults are often asked to join in the fun!

We are fully self contained with our own music and lighting making it easy for us to perform at a venue of your choice.

Meet our cuddly judge Bocker!


Our standard format is based on a team of Boppers and a team of Rockers. However, if you would prefer us to just play games without the team aspect then just let us know at the time of booking. There are also other options which we have listed below:

'€‹Standard Boppers and Rockers format - Team based fun and games

None team based format - The same fun and games without competitive teams

Children's discos - Whole party of music and lighting, suitable for older children

Pre-school parties - Games and activities designed for younger children

For enquiries, prices and terms and conditions please call 07900 878881, visit our website  or find us on Facebook! We cant wait to here from you! Watch our video below:


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