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Review: Air Space Wolverhampton


f136c727fd7320efde5b8891042d3c01.jpgReview by Zach (8), Adam (10) and Darren (Dad).

As we headed up the stairs at Air Space Wolverhampton to the first floor reception, we excitedly caught sight of the impressive jump arena (the largest trampoline park in the Midlands apparently!)  We couldn’t wait to pull on our Air Space socks and get jumping.  We had pre-booked a general access session suitable for ages five and up. After going into the safety briefing room with fellow jumpers we were then released into the jumping arena. We headed first to the Volley Ball game where jumpers on sets of trampolines spring high into the air to hit the ball over the net to jumpers on the other side, which was fun and soon had us warmed up. Next we went on to the central freestyle area where there’s a checkerboard of interconnected flat and angled trampolines. Here we got to jump alongside members of a gymnastics club somersaulting down the long trampolines. They took it in turn using these trampolines with others who just wanted to have a go at the basics, with all abilities mixing up together.

We then headed over to the impressive ‘Air Bag’ where you get to jump onto what looks like a huge semi-deflated silver lilo. This was Adam’s favourite activity, declaring it ‘awesome!’ There’s a choice here of three different heights, but the highest is restricted to over 10’s. Next on to the ‘Ninja Run’ where we had a ‘wipe-out’ style race against each other 45630b467a093c5d9faa7195535ee784.pngwhich included scaling a diagonal trampoline, cargo nets, monkey bars and rope loops. Next to this is an advanced area where Adam had a go at wall running, after being instructed how to bounce on his back and push off the wall, and a Parkour section. Zach, who is an adventurous eight-year-old and is used to rising to the challenge of doing most things his elder brother does, was frustrated he couldn’t use these areas, as he was under 10, so there were a few tears before he realised there were plenty more things he could do. So perhaps if you are jumping with one child under 10 and one over 10 like us you might want to broach it with the younger one before you get there that there will be some areas where they can’t go for safety reasons.  Zach suggested that as there were areas such as these suitable for over 10’s only maybe they could have an area where only under 10’s could bounce. What do you think Air Space?

Luckily Zach found a favourite activity too. He joined all ages taking part in organised Dodge Ball. Each game ran for about five minutes with easy to follow rules. Although he was playing against older children and adults, being one of the smallest, Zach was at an advantage as he was harder to hit and came top in lots of games.

From a parent’s point of view the arena felt safe and well managed. 7689f6247815f2836e5ebd90f870510d.jpgNext to each activity area there’s an information panel describing what the activity is and the injuries you could suffer if you don’t use it correctly. Numbers are restricted on each session. We felt there were plenty of space to move around the different jumping sections and we didn’t have to wait long to do what we wanted to do.

We found the Air Space crew friendly, helpful and fair in ensuring jumpers took their turn using the equipment correctly. I paid to join the boys on the trampolines but you don’t have to. Under 14’s  must be supervised by an adult but you can do this for free by joining your child on the soft mats surrounding each activity.

At £9.95 for an under 10 and £10.95 for over 10’s for our Sunday morning slot, we felt it was good value for money and we are looking forward to a return visit.

Air Space Wolverhampton, Well Lane, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV11 1TB. 0845 094 1888.

Darren Messinger

Darren Messinger

Raring2go! Wolverhampton & South Staffordshire dad who loves getting out and about with his family and pet dog.

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