How the performing arts can help your child

How the performing arts can help your child

d7398518af91f9f124f4df84e2d8d29a.jpgBy Danielle CampbellĀ Principal of Razzamataz Theatre Schools Wolverhampton

It is no secret that the pandemic has had a heavy toll on children's mental health; a study by the NHS in 2020 shows that shockingly up to 1 in 6 children may now suffer from mental health issues. As a young dancer I learned and experienced first hand the positive benefits that the performing arts could have on young people's mental health and confidence. My love of dance and performance helped grow my confidence in myself and shape the person I am today.

Taking part in the performing arts can really help children deal with life challenges such as exam stress or bereavement. They can also have a positive effect in reducing stress and anxiety. Boosting confidence and making children feel more engaged and resilient. It also offers children a social connection and a sense of belonging. This is why despite being in the midst of a pandemic I pushed forward with my plans to open our new Razzamataz Theatre School in Wolverhampton last year. Albeit not the ideal time to start a new business I just knew that if there was ever a time the children of Wolverhampton needed the benefits of being able to learn the Performing Arts it was then.

In each of the three disciplines we teach at Razzamataz Wolverhampton, students learn new techniques and skills in a safe environment which can have a positive impact on their mental health and well-being. For example, singing b7defe2ade95424a846affa26cb04b17.jpgreleases endorphins which help reduce stress and anxiety allowing children to switch off from the modern world and just have fun. When learning to sing, students also learn breathing techniques; understanding these can help those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Dance, being physically active releases positive endorphins which make children feel more relaxed and happier. It is also great exercise and improves balance and coordination.
Drama classes offer students a safe place to explore issues within their lives and encourages conversation. Performing as a group also provides young people with a feeling of belonging whilst making new friends.

I truly believe all children can get positive benefits from taking part in the performing arts and that is why we offer a Free Taster Session to any child that would like to have a go.

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