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7 Good Reasons to Join a Club or Class in 2017!


7b374846369bd824312c3acf29d9a583.jpgThe New Year is a great time to take up a new hobby or learn new skills – whatever age you may be. Here’s seven good reasons why you or your child could benefit from joining a club, class or group in 2017…

1.Better together. As human beings, we are social animals, and feel the need to belong to a group - be it a workplace, gym, church, social club or gang.

2. Joining a local baby or children's club or class will help your child become more confident, happy and fulfilled. For children it's important for them to spend time with other children, particularly if they share the same interests, as it can inspire and excite them to see other like-minded children trying things out.

For young children and toddlers, clubs and classes teach them all sorts of disciplines, like learning to make new friends, to share and listen - all good preparation for school.

Baby groups and classes not only help stimulate your little one’s development, it also    provides a much needed chance for you to socialise with other new parents.

3. Children can never have too many friends. Making friends with children from outside their school allows children to broaden their experiences as well as their pool of friends. Then when they start High School, there's the chance they will bump into them again.

4. Sports and dance clubs encourage a healthy lifestyle. There are so many classes now to choose from. 8b6206dfda10107dfe634517a3214531.jpgSport is also a nice activity to do as a family. Many local clubs have adult sessions too e.g. you could treat it as a family challenge for the New Year to all learn martial arts or take up tennis. It goes without saying, the benefits of doing regular exercise include encouraging your child to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, thus avoiding poor health and obesity in later life. Exercise also helps to relieve the stress built up by homework and exams.

5. Children learn to become a team player. By participating in team sports or working towards dance and drama productions, children learn to support each other, listen to instructions, become disciplined and work towards a common goal. All good lessons for the future workplace.

6.Clubs and classes can help develop a child's co-ordination too. Sport, dance and craft activities are particularly important for developing the finer motor skills that a child needs for improving their handwriting.

7. Finally - clubs can give children much need time away from computer screens, iPads, phones and televisions! By trying out different clubs, children get the chance to discover a hobby they may have a natural aptitude for. You never know - they could be a future striker for Wolves or professional on Strictly Come Dancing!

Many clubs offer a free or reduced price taster or trial class. For details and other special offers local to the Wolverhampton, South Staffordshire and Shropshire area please see below:


AJS b210eba69026998d48a26186ed4f9f75.jpgDance. Pupils who take lessons on a Saturday can PAY AS YOU GO, not by the term so you don't end up paying if you are ill or at a wedding etc. AJS Dance also offers second hand shoes to buy or swop as kids grow out of them so quickly! 

Lucy Evans Academy of Dance. Book a trial class in ballet, modern, tap, Melody Bear Movement, musical theatre, adult ballet fitness or Pilates and pay half price –  trial spaces are limited so ring Lucy Harper on 07896 770084 for details.


South Staffordshire Swimming Academy. Classes from 18 months old to adults. You get free public swimming if you pay by direct debit. Call your local South Staffordshire Leisure Centre for details.

Babies, Toddlers and beyond:

Jo Jingles. Jo Jingles provide fun, interactive music and movement classes for children aged from 3 months. Come and take advantage of our special offers: a free trial, or 3 classes for £10 (instead of £15). Plus, the first 4 baby classes are free!* (*All customers have to pay a termly £3 admin fee).01902 570330.

Waterbabies. Babies love being in water – as you’ll see from the excited smiles and gurgles around the pool.  And swimming from birth is entirely natural.  After all, they’ve just spent nine months in the womb! The multi-award winning Water Babies course teaches using voice commands. Free taster sessions are available, subject to availability, at a number of our venues each term for 532f4d5375ef0c8ddd68de6f731080e4.jpgbabies up to a year old. Taster sessions are available for over 1’s on request.  For more information, please phone Heidi on 01694 731401, email or visit

Little Kickers. Little Kickers offers fun football training in Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth for children aged 2-7 years. Book on for a trial session and play before you pay.  Call Jo on 0773 6074596.


Genie Tutors, Wolverhampton. You can try before you buy at Genie Tutors Wolverhampton, which offers a free one hour trial and assessment. 01902 504 444.

First Class Learning, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton. First Class Learning runs classes in Maths and English and offers a free trial lesson. Ring or text 07974 248723 or email

Explore Learning, Wolverhampton. Explore Learning offers a free trial lesson. Call 01483 447414 to book.

3Rs Tuition, Wolverhampton. Professional tutoring in English, Maths and V/NV Reasoning. 3Rs Tuition offers a free assessment. Call 07785 988108.


Crafty Kids Café, Penn, Wolverhampton. Craft Club – Runs Thurs 1-2 and Fri 11-12 – held by our in house craft expert, enjoy weekly activities. Term time sessions cost £5 per session, or £18 for 4 weeks. Book in advance to save. Parents can also enjoy a £3.50 drink/cake meal deal too during these sessions.07528 403158.

NOTE: The information in this article was correct at January 1 2017 but please do check with the provider for the latest information and prices as this is just a guide. Terms and conditions apply to offers and 33149570fb9d796271fa2862661373eb.jpgpromotions - please check with the provider.

If you do contact any of these clubs or classes, would you mind mentioning you saw in on Raring2go!? It helps us bring you more information like this. Thanks!

Jo Messinger

Jo Messinger

Jo Messinger is Editor of the Wolverhampton & South Staffordshire Edition of Raring2go! A wife and mum to two lively boys who love living life to the full - just how it should be!

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