Boost creativity with Kidly's Kids Drawin' Table

Boost creativity with Kidly's Kids Drawin' Table

5843df7974ff89168ad66b8335b5f074.jpgAs the proud mum of two young daughters, I'm always on the look out for products which will entertain and occupy my girls in a creative, safe, and sustainable way. Kidly, a modern, online kids store - launched just five years ago, aims to be the go-to destination for parents of children aged 0-5 with design led and genuinely useful products. Their underlying ethos is to only stock what parents truly will want, and they have what they call 'Parent Testers', the custodians of the collection on their website. Every single product stocked, has been tested and reviewed by a parent like you, and it's only sold if it passes the parent test. 

As a long-standing parent tester (we started when Leah was just over a year old), it's something I am really proud to be a part of, and we've been lucky enough to test the Drawin' Kids Table and Stools recently. And the girls love it so much, I decided it warranted its own separate review on my site, as well as the Kidly one! 

So, first things first, it passed my husband's test simply because it didn't require any screws! BIG WIN IN THIS HOUSEHOLD. The table and stools simply slot together, meaning it was up and ready to be used in less than 5 minutes. The table was pleasantly bigger than I expected it to be, meaning when the girls have playdates, four children will comfortably fit around it. d3f807fc836e7a232b1f8f3a303f5296.jpgAnd the wood is sustainably sourced birch plywood. Another tick from us.

The beauty of the table is the simple diversity of it. The table top switches from a normal wood table, to a whiteboard, to a blackboard, to sheets of paper. All easily changed, with a handy pen-pot in the middle to keep the essentials for arts and crafts. The girls were thrilled, as was I, as it blends into the decor beautifully and keeps them busy long enough for me to have a hot cup of coffee - the most basic but essential need for this busy mum! The creativity it inspires, as well as the mess-free approach to arts and crafts makes it a must-have for your younger ones! 

I added a couple of chairs to the mix, which I up-cycled as Sadie (who is only 17 months) wasn't steady enough to leave on the stools; however, it's super comfy for my big girl and the extra two chairs just means we're well equipped for impending playdates! 

A very big thumbs up from us here at Raring2go! Watford! Thank you Kidly! 

P.S. If you want to take a look / purchase the table and stools, click here

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