Swimming Lessons in Middlesbrough & Redcar

Swimming Lessons in Middlesbrough & Redcar

Swimming Lessons with Everyone Active

Available at pools in Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland

Swimming lessons are at the core of everything we do here at Everyone Active and they represent one of the most important services we offer to our members. Not only is swimming great fun and a brilliant way to get active, but it’s also a skills that could well save your life one day.

We offer lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities at our local pools in Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland :


Rainbow Centre & Neptune Centre in Middlesbrough

Redcar & Cleveland:

Eston Leisure Centre in South Bank, Redcar & Cleveleand Leisure & Community Heart, Saltburn Leisure Centre, Loftus Leisure Centre & Guisborough Swim & Fitness Centre.

All our teachers hold Swim England or equivalent qualifications and our lessons allow students to work towards attaining badges and certificates to highlight their progress. We’re not just limited to swimming lessons, we can provide lessons in all sorts of other aquatic activities. These include synchronised swimming, diving, water polo, snorkelling and Rookie Lifeguard training too.

Children’s Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is a key life skill for any child. Swimming lessons teach independence, allows them to get active while enjoying themselves, gives them the ability to get themselves out of potentially life-threatening situations and enables them to enjoy trips to the seaside and beach holidays to the full. Discover more about children’s swimming lessons here.

We help more than 130,000 children every year to learn this fantastic fun, life-saving skill. The sessions follow the Learn to Swim framework prescribed by Swim England, with students working towards achieving awards for both distance swimming and skills.

One-to-one Swim Lessons

Our individual classes cater for one or two students at a time. These are intended to help you or your children focus on a specific requirement or area for improvement. Sessions are open to all ages and abilities.

‘Crash Courses‘

These intensive short courses run during school holiday periods and are designed to help your children develop their skills in a short space of time. They are open to everyone, including those already on our swimming lessons programme.

To enrol on our swimming lesson programme, enquire below.



Eston Leisure Centre, Normanby Rd, Eston, South Bank, TS6 9AE
0164 245 2488 Visit website

The Neptune Centre, Ormesby Road , Middlesbrough, TS3 7RP
01642 242 212 Send email Visit website

Rainbow Leisure Centre, Parkway Centre, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, TS8 0TJ
03004 560552 Send email

Guisborough Swim & Fitness Centre, Howlbeck Road , Guisborough, Cleveland, TS14 6LE
0128 763 3311 Visit website

Redcar & Cleveland Leisure & Community Heart, Ridley Street, Redcar, Cleveland, TS10 1TD
0164 277 1070 Visit website

Loftus Leisure Centre, Deepdale Road , Loftus, Cleveland, TS13 4RS
0128 764 2020 Visit website