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fb79869b20bd56e388bc82d02098266a.jpgThe new year has begin, the snowy weather will soon be gone and Spring will almost be here. It’s a great time to start preparing the garden, so keep reading for some great growing tips and our favourite things to plant throughout the entire year.


Start off your New Year with a blast by growing some extravagant flowers and plants to get your greenhouse blooming. You can start sowing flowers such as begonias, geraniums and pansies, while veg wise it’s strawberries, hardy salads and Winter lettuce.

Even though this may be the shortest month in the year, there's still lots of plants and veg you can grow inside your greenhouse! Sow flowers such as Dahlia tubers, while veg wise it’s asparagus, sweet peppers and tomatoes.

March was originally the first month in the Roman calendar, so if you're a bit late starting in your greenhouse this year don't worry. Busy lizzies and petunias are great to start during March, as well as early cauliflower and celery.


April is the time to sow Sunflowers, or Helianthus, "helianthus" meaning sun and "anthos" meaning flower in Greek referencing to its resemblance to the sun. Fruit and veg can include courgettes, melons and if you haven't already, strawberries.

If you dream of being away on holiday, bring the beach to your garden with Delphiniums, also known as the dolphin flower, as the Latin word 'delphis' means dolphin. May is also all about the beans, with both french and 0bb0f26ed8631ad6cdfe89ddd22cebe2.jpgrunner beans being a popular option.

The start of the summer season and what a great time to get outdoors. Start off by sowing Bellis Perennis, these are in the Daisy family. While with veg, salad cucumbers and gherkins are a popular growers choice for June weather.


If you wish to coax butterflies into your garden this summer, sow these Scabiosa flowers as they are rich in nectar. Small fruits should be ready to pick, while more can be sown to carry on throughout the rest of the season.

August time means most salad and fruits will be ready to pick. Although, spring onions, radish, salad leaves and fast-maturing carrots like adelaide can be sown. Flower-wise, winter-flowering pansies are ideal ready for the months ahead.

The Hollyhock is one plant perfect for growing in September, these are sometimes called outhouse flowers as they were often planted to hide unattractive outhouses. Vegetables to Sow in September include spinach, pak choi and chinese cabbage.


Get your pumpkins at the ready for some serious carving or maybe even a pumpkin pie! Apples can be picked from the tree for apple bobbing, while you can continue to grow herbs, which can optionally be dried out and stored for winter cooking.


Foxglove, named after the shape of the flower as they look like little gloves for the paws of foxes and other small animals can be a delight to grow in November. As well as winter gem b4219dca0b319ff4b23a8d2af682d205.jpglettuce and land cress.


An interesting flower to grow in December is Cyclamen, which is also known as sowbread due to it normally being fed to pigs to enhance the pork flavour, while onions, herbs and winter gem lettuce are the key growers during colder times.

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