Hape Musical Instruments Review

Hape Musical Instruments Review


75f08b92d7667b01039657adcd4b1793.jpgHape Early Melodies Rainbow Xylophone

This gives children the opportunity to practise colours as well as scales. Helps develop an appreciation for music, hand-eye coordination and sensory perception. Suitable for children from 12 months.

Hape Early Melodies Tambourine

This multicoloured tambourine is designed for tiny hands, the tambourine gives those rhythm skills a workout and encourages your little one to dance. Suitable for children from 12 months.


My son and I have recently had the opportunity to play with the Hape Early Melodies tambourine and wooden xylophone. Although he was a little younger than 12 months the products were recommended for, he thoroughly enjoyed playing with both these instruments. The colourful design kept his interest and the shape of the beaters made it easy for him to hold and were perfect for little hands. The quality of the product meant there were no small parts that could detach and he could be very independent with them. They have even sorted a storage solution for the beaters on the xylophone so they don't get lost.

My son really enjoyed playing with these instruments and because of the materials they were made from they produced a nice sound as well. I would recommend these instruments for all children age 10 months and above as my 3 year old daughter really enjoyed playing with them too . Hape have combined children's interest in bright colours and love of noise, as well as their love of bashing things hard to make these beautiful 41e2d2f6dccd6899e9382fd786196f7d.jpginstruments - they tick every box!

The Howting Family

The Howting Family

Isabella and Ben are the cutest half of our family - aged 5 and 3 they keep Mummy and Daddy on our toes! As a family we love getting creative, making a mess (Ben), dressing up (Isabella) and family days out.

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