Nervous about the Big Return to School?

Nervous about the Big Return to School?

35f1ce10c3f9a0530330bac2d3889145.jpgPrimary School Children Report Loneliness in Lockdown and are Nervous about the Big Return to School

Going back to school is high on the news agenda.  Countdown has begun – it’s a matter of weeks until the big return.  A recent survey by Start-Rite Shoes reveals that primary school children are already anxious about returning to school in September.

Many have felt lonely, missed hugging their friends and felt sad about missing school – and there’s real trepidation about going back into the classroom.

When asked, nearly 40 per cent of children felt sad about missing school, a fifth of children are worried about having missed four months of school and nearly a quarter felt lonely during lockdown.

Worryingly, nearly a third are nervous about returning to school and one in ten admits to actually feeling scared. 

When interviewed on film, the younger children aged 6-8, revealed their sadness at not being able to hug each other, with one girl, age 7, saying: ‘I do not like social distancing, when you can’t hug anyone and you just want to give them a squeeze.’ Another, age 6, added: ’If someone is crying I just want to give them a hug, but I can’t because I have to keep two metres apart.’

Start-Rite has worked with Dr Julie Smith, Clinical Psychologist and expert in mental health, to create a seven point plan to help parents enable a calm transition back to school in September and spot behaviours that bd79c73491cc94c95a3a1ed51185a6d5.jpgmight show their child is anxious, but not sharing their concerns. The seven point plan is available here: and you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Commenting on the findings, Smith said: “The research illustrates the significant psychological effect the pandemic is having on children.  When children return to school in September, many will not have stepped foot in school for five months.  Whether they are returning to a new class or even a new school, they will all be returning to a new normal.  As parents, there are things we can do to support them.”

Kate Tansley, CEO of Start-Rite Shoes, said: “We want to support families through this challenging time and help ease the transition back to school in September.  Children’s healthy development and wellbeing drives everything we do.  We constantly strive to listen to and understand children.” 


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