Explore Learning

Explore Learning

So far we’ve helped over 250,000 children conquer their fears and discover their potential

We are unwavering in our mission to help children to excel academically, be confident in the classroom, thrive in exams and be fearless in school and beyond.

There are a whole host of reasons parents might be looking for tuition, but one thing’s for sure, tuition is no longer just for those who are struggling.

Whether you’re looking for academic support, a confidence boost, exam preparation or an environment in which your child can blossom, at Explore Learning we can do just that.

With over 33,000 members we know every child’s reason is unique, and every child’s ability different. That’s why at Explore there’s no ‘one size fits all’, no magic approach, we just work hard to ensure that we get to know your child and support their growth from the second they step through the door.