Lazy Daisy Active Birthing Ante Natal Classes

Lazy Daisy Active Birthing Ante Natal Classes

Daisy Birthingââ'‚¬Å¾Ã‚¢ is a gentle relaxed - active birthing concept created by the Lazy Daisy team. Tried and tested since 2004, our weekly class programme really works, helping you to enjoy every step of your pregnancy whilst looking forward to a positive birth.
Combining gentle yoga inspired moves, many of which are unique to Lazy Daisy,alongside breath work, relaxations, and self -hypnosis techniques, our classes give weekly relief and long term birth benefits.
Daisy Birthing Pregnancy classes are designed to build birth confidence and to help mums understand how to use gravity and their body's natural responses to make labour more comfortable, and hopefully quicker too. We have taken the bits we love best from a range of more conventional techniques such as Pregnancy Yoga, Traditional Active Birthing, Birth Breathing Education, Birth Hypnosis and Birth Education and combined these into a 1hr 20 minute all embracing class which allows mums to learn as they move.
Our classes help mums strengthen the mind through delivering the key birthing facts along with breathing techniques, relaxation methods and yoga style movements which are so gentle even mums with hip issues can join in.  We ease the physical body during pregnancy and in labour, strengthen the emotional mind as you look forward with excitement, reassure the nervous mum with our FEDANT approved teachers and ultimately provide helpful ââ'€š¬Ã‹Å“easy to follow and understand' natural birth education.
The best investment you can make for your body, your birth and your baby. Are you ready to bloom in pregnancy and blossom in birth?


Special Introductory offer of Ã'€š£40 for 6 week term

Opening Times

Classes currently running in St Albans on Wednesday evenings 7 -8.30pm. Please enquire for alternate locations and times.