Bebes Tranquilos

Bebes Tranquilos

b5553f713e0f2ff8bc5cddc026404669.jpgMy name is Kourtnie Perry and I am a qualified Baby Massage Instructor, a Sleep Coach and a Maternity Nurse. My aim is to make parenthood as fun and enjoyable as possible, encourage new social opportunities and support parents in their journey.

Having spent most of my childhood in Spain I returned to the U.K. in 2015 to work as a nursery teacher and a nanny.  Through talking to parents, I realised how many are struggling with the transition into parenthood and the various challenges it afforded.  Seeing this firsthand, I realised that the families I worked with found my help invaluable and that I have a natural afinity with children.  Hence my desire to make family life even better!

So how can I help you?

Sleep is so fundamental to a healthy life. As a sleep consultant I use my evidence-based expertise and training to work with you to see the big picture, work out what your goals are and devise a realistic, family centred plan, completely tailored to you and your child.  This could simply be some tips and strategies in a one hour consultation, or a full support plan over a number of weeks depending on what feels right for you.

Baby Massage has many benefits such as enhancing communication and bonding with your baby, improvement in growth and development, increased relaxation, better sleep and less crying….for everyone!  I run baby massage courses in an informal and relaxed atmoshere focusing on your baby’s needs, and af09caa3330d97fe89c17dd9a78071c9.jpgbest of all, there is coffee and cake, so parents can bond too!  I even run some courses in Spanish!

Lastly, as a nanny, behaviour and tantrums are a huge part of my job, so I hold weekly workshop sessions just for parents/childcare professionals where we can discuss this topic. The aim is to empower parents with information and techniques from the many researchers, studies and professionals that I have found to be most effective.

I would love you to join me if any of this resonates with you. So please give me a call to discuss how I can help.

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