Hall's Croft

Hall's Croft

Admire the elegant Jacobean home of Shakespeare's daughter, Susanna and her wealthy physician husband, Dr. John Hall

Exquisite carved furniture and paintings create a fascinating showcase of 17th century affluence. Examine the intriguing collection of apothecary's equipment and books in the doctor's consulting room, along with a first edition of his medical notes published in 1657

Wander into the tranquil walled garden and discover the fragrant medicinal herbs, as Dr. Hall may have once used in his remedies

Follow the story of Stratford upon Avon and its people during the war in an intimate exhibition commemorating World War I.

Treat yourself in the delightful Croft Cafe. 

Look out for events taking place throughout the year such as outdoor theatre.

Combine a visit to this site with the Birthplace Centre and The New Place to see another aspect of the impact that Shakespeare and his family had on Stratford upon Avon.

Great for: arts & culture, history & heritage, gardens

Visitor comments:

"Hall's Croft was the best of the Shakespeare town houses, the guides really enriched the experience."

"The gardens are beautiful and well kept."

Did you know?

'€¢ 80% of the house is made up of the original structure from 1613

'€¢ One of Dr John Hall's remedies for constipation included gunpowder

'€¢ Susanna Hall was taken to court accused of adultery with a haberdasher. The court sided with Susanna, and dismissed the case!

The main part of this fine timbered property was built in 1613. For most of its history, it has been the home of prosperous, often professional people and in the mid-19thcentury it served as a small school. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust purchased Hall's Croft in 1949 and, after substantial repairs and alterations, opened it to the public in 1951.

John Hall was a physician of some renown and his case notes, published after his death in 1657, were a popular textbook for other doctors for many years. Dr Hall was a compassionate and diligent physician, treating both rich and poor, Catholic and Protestant patients alike. While some physicians practised astronomy or blood-letting, John Hall's preference was for treatments made from plants, herbs, animal extracts, gemstones and rocks. 


Hall's Croft, Old Town, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6BG
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