Henley Chocolates

Henley Chocolates

Handcrafted artisan chocolate to order using real, sustainably sourced, local, ingredients. 

​Our chocolates range from the quirky herd of chocolate dinosaurs to serious, award-winning handcrafted truffles... and every thing in between!

So whether you are looking for a joke gift for the young at heart or an artisan chocolate box for a foodie, you are sure to find something that fits the bill!

REAL – real for me is about using ingredients that are grown not manufactured. 
We grow lots of the fruit in our garden and local allotments so knowing exactly what goes in to our truffles and chocolates is key. On top of that it's about working with other local producers who are striving for the same authenticity in the food chain like the Shakespeare Distillery, the Country Markets, Churchfields Salt , Farmer Ted's Dairy and many others. What we love about real is that it builds community and makes connections with others in a genuine and traditional way.

Behind Every Flavour there's a Story...

Chillies - our chillies are grown in the Woolman's family market garden in Dorridge (less than 10 miles from us). From the seemingly innocent Cayenne peppers to the insanely hot Carolina Reapers ripened by the English summer sun.

SUSTAINABLE – to me that's probably the most important of the three. Sustainable sourcing is about our business not impacting negatively on the world around us. It made me incredibly happy to discover that the unit I'd agreed to rent is powered from the sun on our roof and heated from trees in Austy Wood on the same farm. It makes me tremendously happy to find a supplier of a new source of packaging that's better for the environment than what we currently use but still protects our delicious chocolate as it should be and most of all it makes me happy that our cocoa is grown in the shade of the rainforest canopy and purchased through a company that works with growers co-operatives to improve the lot of their farmers. Chocolate is awesome – everyone should be a winner!

FUN – 'well I guess both of the above contribute to the fun. Every time we recruit I say a little prayer that we get the right answer and it's worked every time! Our amazing team of chocolate fairies are what makes the fun – one morning I walked in to find Jennie being packed in a mail order box by Abi – I didn't ask but we didn't post her! We have so much fun doing what we do and we want to include all our chocoholics in that sense of fun too – that's why our kitchen is open and everyone is welcome to chat to our chocolatiers and be part of something which i think is pretty amazing.' - sally


The Parlour, Yew Tree Farm Craft Centre , Pettiford Lane, Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire, B95 6BY
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