Resources for children with special needs

Resources for children with special needs

44eb640a48d20d78c9e7da0d3905623d.jpgAt Soundabout, we believe that everybody deserves to have a voice. Rather than focusing on what people can’t do, we want to emphasize what they can do. We believe that people with severe and profound learning disabilities including autism should have a life full of expression, passion and enjoyment. To enable this to happen we aim to educate, support and empower through both empowering training and supporting those in our community. That’s why we use music to enable people with learning disabilities to express themselves, connect with others, and feel the warmth of music.

As you know, most children are having to be home-schooled at the moment but there is very little support or resources for parents home-schooling children with special needs. They've become something of a forgotten group. Charities like Soundabout are filling these gaps by providing free online services to these families, as well as providing a support system for parents.

Nearly all of the sessions that Soundabout provide are free of charge and open to families across the UK. As we start the New Year 2021, we unveil a brand new timetable for our online music provision. We have a variety of fun, interactive and educational sessions on Facebook, YouTube and Zoom. Sessions are free to access except for those held on Zoom. You can find a weekly schedule of sessions here.

Here is a video from Kerry - whose daughter Jessica has multiple and profound disabilities - talking about the different ways Soundabout has supported her 03c5dce3eca4eccde9ea04f5c3a3058a.jpgfamily through lockdown: 

The BBC recently published an article about the struggles of SEND parenting during lockdown. You can read it here

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