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Groovy Little Movers

Groovy Little Movers is an independent local business providing unique classes for preschoolers since 2013. We are not a franchise.

Our classes are designed to develop your child' s coordination and improve their posture, balance and sense of rhythm.  Children develop confidence and creativity as they sing along, join in the actions and dance.

Come and meet groovy George the giraffe! Sing along, join in the actions and dance with puppets, props and instruments. 

The classes are designed with specific age ranges in mind to meet the needs and interests of your child.

Prices range from £5 to £6.50 per session.

The class schedule for the September 2016 term is as follows:

Mondays in United Reformed Church, Knowle:

9.30-10.00am: Little Jigglers (1-2 years)

10.05-10.45am: Bigger Jigglers (2-2 years 9 months)

10.50-11.30am: Little Movers (2 yr 9 months-4 years)

Tuesdays at Solihull Indoor Bowls Club:

9.40-10.10am: Little Jigglers (Walking – 2& a half)

10.15-10.55am: Little Movers (2& a half – 4 years)

11.00-11.30am: Littlest Jigglers (9 – 18 months)

Fridays at Solihull Indoor Bowls Club:

9.30-10.00am: Little Jigglers (1-2 years)

10.05-10.45am: Bigger Jigglers (2-2 years 9 months)

10.50-11.30am: Little Movers (2 years 9 months- 4 years)

1.45-2.30pm: Preschool Movers (3-5 years)

For more information or to book a trial session get in touch with Katy Luong on:


Call/Text: 07932 333284

Meet the team:

Creator and Director: Katy Luong

Katy, Mum of 4, a qualified teacher and fitness instructor, has over 15 years experience of teaching and choreographing Dance across the West Midlands. Her experience also includes over a decade of working with Birmingham Royal Balletand DanceXchange, as well as performing with numerous dance and drama companies both here and abroad.

With the creation of Groovy Little Movers, Katy combines her passion for children, music and song, with her experience in teaching dance and drama.

Teachers: Becky Pringle and Faye Hadley

Becky and Faye are highly experienced Freelance Artists who love to groove! They bring wonderful energy and creativity to each class.


United Reformed Church, Knowle, Solihull, B93 0HJ

3.35 miles     07932 333284    

Solihull Indoor Bowls Club, Solihull, B91 3LE

1.37 miles     07932 333284    

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