5 steps to a more sustainable children’s party

5 steps to a more sustainable children’s party

7c07181dc567992af40742edc06c091b.jpgChildren’s birthday parties are a lot of fun but can also create a lot of waste. Here are a few tips that to make your next celebration a little more eco-friendly.

1. Send e-invitations

Nowadays, virtually everyone asks for a text or email RSVP so why don;t you save on paper and invite your little party goers bu using a What’s App group or Facebook event?

2.Plastic-free party bags

Most children love to receive their party bag at the end of a party so it is hard to argue that they are unnecessary but, how often do those bags full of goodies end up, a few days later, as a collection of plastic nick-nacks that no one is really interested in? How about replacing the plastic with an Easter Egg or a book?

Florence & Burt offer a range of plastic-free eco party bags Henley Chocolates have a selection of treats with plastic-free packaging.

3. Cut out the waste

No one wants to spend ages tidying up afterwards! Use compostable tableware or did you know that you can hire reusable tableware - Florence & Burt even do the washing up for you!

4. Have a plan for left-over food

It can be tricky to cater for tastes and judge portion sizes. Try making individual lunch boxes with a pre-ordered sandwich filler or make sure any leftovers will keep for school lunches or can be frozen.

5. Recycle decorations

Hire decorations so that they get 0fd0e958703ad43d771811e10d5d4b5d.jpgreused and consider biodegradable latex balloons like those from Pom Poms Party or, if you have foil ones, remember that these can be recycled.

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