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Supporting your children through exam season

008b3cbb42e7b453cf213746725262f2.jpgThere’s no doubt about it; watching your child go through any exam period can be pretty stressful as a parent – especially if they seem to be getting a little anxious about it all. And hey, who can blame them? We’ve all been through it!

To help you and your family have stress-free exam period Charlotte Gater, Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning, has answered some of the most common questions many parents ask about supporting their children.

What revision methods are best?

The most important thing to work out is what revision technique works best for your child. Revision timetables? Flash cards? While these methods will work really well for some children, others simply learn best through reading their notes again or practising exam questions.

Finding out what works for your child is key to helping them succeed.

My child can often find it difficult to concentrate – how can I help?    

It’s common for both children and adults to lose concentration over something they find difficult, but it’s important to encourage your child to mix up what they’re learning or revising. For example, if they are getting bored with one subject, suggest that they move onto another and switch topics.

Is exercise REALLY that important to revision?

Yes, believe it or not, exercise is a great way of breaking up revision sessions and channelling stress. Charlotte also recommends encouraging your child to arrange meeting up with friends 3525b44c30db5a476b1641bd80eb1089.jpgto play sport as this allows them to maintain a social life during the exam period.

Would you recommend a reward/treat system?

This could be a great idea if you know this would motivate your child to study – but think about what would work for them; regular small treats such as 15 minutes of TV or internet time for each 60 minutes of revision can be a great idea.

Try out reward schemes that focus on time and effort put into revision rather than grades they get at the end.

Is there a time of day that’s best for revision?

Each child is different, so if your child isn’t a morning person, don’t force them out of bed to revise too early – as long as they get the work done, give them the freedom to choose when they do it.

How can I avoid arguments about revision?

It’s important to discuss with your child what these exams are and what they are for so they understand the importance. You should also sit down and talk about what needs to be covered for each exam.

If you don’t feel your child is doing enough revision, talk to them about it, but be careful HOW you say it – don’t challenge them, simply start the conversation.

Do you have any other tips for exam preparation?

Don’t be afraid to seek additional help! If you feel a little a18256bdbc4822ccb333249bc7d98f7e.jpgextra help or tuition will benefit your child, there are lots of options available to you in a variety of subjects, so don’t struggle alone.

Click here and get in touch with the team at your local Explore Learning centre for more information about preparing your child for their exams 

Explore Learning

Explore Learning

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