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Creating confident children in 7 steps

dc940231d1222d235e682c49541a03df.jpgConfidence is vital for little ones as it impacts everything from their everyday friendships to their attitude to learning. So, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Explore Learning to provide parents/carers with seven steps to helping your little one develop their confidence and as a result become a fearless learner.

Creating a fearless learner

Our friends at Explore Learning are on a quest to develop a generation of fearless learners, so why not join in too! Let’s teach our kids that sometimes it’s okay to try new things and get them wrong – because, that’s life! And that’s how we learn.

We want our children to bravely battle through the pitfalls of learning new things and emerge triumphant!

Here’s seven easy steps to helping your child become more confident inside and outside school…

1 Praise children when they’ve gone wrong, but fixed it

Charlotte Gator, Head of Education at Explore Learning recommends parents/carers should always praise their child when they’ve gone wrong, noticed it and corrected their mistake. Knowing it’s okay to make mistakes will help your children become fearless -they’re more likely to have a go, not be scared of trying new things and will understand that we learn through our mistakes

2. Accept your child’s starting point

Not all children – or adults - are confident by nature and whilst we can encourage self-belief, transforming a shy or anxious child into a ‘life and soul of the party’ type, is probably an 9c58c0df157f0439ff5e7edef8ee8e3a.jpgunrealistic aim.

Try to avoid making comments to your child such as how you wish they were more confident, or less shy because, in effect, you’re saying you don’t value them as they are - a real confidence crusher.

Accept your child’s personality and ‘starting point’; it might be different to yours, their sibling’s, friends’ or classmates’ but that’s absolutely fine.

3. Try something new WITH your child

Is your little one learning a new language that you don’t know? Or attempting a maths equation that you’ve long forgotten? Charlotte Gator suggests that parents should try and learn with them! Show them how to be fearless by trying new things and learning from your mistakes.

4. Take small steps to encourage confidence

Find opportunities to stretch what your son or daughter is comfortable with just a bit at a time. That could be going with them to tuition lessons to begin with until they feel comfortable in the environment and ready to thrive on their own.

5. Work out what their fear is

Often a child will have niggling worries holding them back in a specific situation. So perhaps “If I put my hand up in class, I might get the answer wrong and the other children will laugh at me”. Pin down their concern and try to address it as best you can.

6. Find their forte and allow it to flourish

If your child doesn’t do so well in academic work, or the usual extra-curricular 008b3cbb42e7b453cf213746725262f2.jpgactivities at school, this can make their self-esteem fragile. Seek opportunities for them to try other, more unusual activities out of school and highlight positive personality traits such as being especially kind or a good organiser.

7. Step back and let them “have a go”

Helicopter parenting – hovering over your child, stepping in to resolve the slightest issue or preventing them from failing – can be a barrier to building confidence. Children need to find their own solutions, attempt things their way sometimes and take sensible risks. Sure, you can guide and advise but try not to jump in and take over too quickly.

You can also help nurture your fearless learner by choosing the right extra tuition to suit their needs; get into contact with Explore Learning today for a helping hand.

Explore Learning

Explore Learning

Since 2001 our award-winning maths and English tuition has supported over 200,000 children aged four to 14 excel academically, reach their potential and achieve the best possible results. But more than that, we are unwavering in our mission to develop a generation of Fearless Learners.

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