5 good reasons to join a club or class

5 good reasons to join a club or class

f678a265a9dc1d36738795ba7a45f27d.jpgAs human beings, we are social animals, and feel the need to belong to a group - be it a workplace, gym, church, social club or gang. Joining a local children's club will help your child become more confident, happy and fulfilled and give them a sense of belonging.

For children it's important for them to spend time with other children, particularly if they share the same interests, as it can inspire and excite them to see other like-minded children trying things out. For young children, clubs and classes teach them all sorts of disciplines, like learning to make new friends; learning to share things; learning to listen to instructions - all good skills for school. Joining a local children's club will help your child become more confident, happy and fulfilled.

Here are 5 reasons why your child may benefit from joining a club:

1. You can never have too many friends.

It helps to meet children from outside their school, to broaden their pool of friends.

2. Encourage a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many classes now to choose from, and many offer free taster sessions. Sport is also a nice activity to do as a family. Many local clubs have adult sessions too e.g. you could treat it as a    family challenge; maybe you could all learn a martial art, or take up tennis? It goes without saying, the benefits of doing regular sport include encouraging your child to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, thus avoiding 44bf9b5b84a7ba830a9607aeea09ebb3.jpgpoor health and obesity in later life. Sport can also help to relieve the stress built up by homework and exams.

3. Become a team player.

By participating in team sports, children learn to support each other, listen to instructions, become disciplined and work towards a common goal. All good lessons for the future.

4. Develop a child's co-ordination and motor skills.

Sporting activities in particular can help to develop co-ordination, balance and motor skills that are transferable to many other physical activities as they get older. Craft activities are particularly important for developing the fine motor skills needed to improving their handwriting.

5. Finally - time away from computer screens, iPads, phones and televisions!

If they don't give new activities a go they may never discover something that they really love! Give your children the chance to discover a hobby that they may have a natural aptitude for.

Why not start off by taking a look at the clubs here?

Nicola Maile

Nicola Maile

Local Mum of two boys and editor of Raring2go! in Solihull and South Warwickshire.

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