Daisy First Aid Online

Daisy First Aid Online

f74e0a2243e2a72c26b307bc75c6dc76.jpgJenni Dunman is CEO at Daisy First Aid, specialists in paediatric first aid. She says: “It amazing how many new parents in our classes are unaware of febrile seizures, yet according to the NHS one in twenty children between the ages of one and four will suffer from one. The key point to remember with febrile seizures is that whilst they can be terrifying to witness, they are relatively common, they are caused by a spike in temperature and children can recover very quickly with no long-term side effects. If parents are prepared with this knowledge, then it’s not quite as scary and it’s much more likely that the parent will remain calmer and treat the seizures correctly.

“Choking is also one of the biggest worries for parents, particularly when weaning or when babies start putting everything in their mouth. There are really important techniques that we highly recommend all parents learn and practice (on mannequins, not real babies). Learning these very simple steps could be lifesaving. It takes on average eight minutes for an ambulance to arrive in London but a child could die from choking in as little as four minutes so I can’t stress how important it is to learn and practice back blows, baby chest thrusts and child abdominal thrusts.”

Of the parents polled who had experienced a medical emergency, the most commonly listed incident was breathing difficulties (30%), followed by choking (18%) and joint third was having a fall or an allergic reaction (17%).

We are d312db96779e31b83cc44c87b9e13463.jpgcurrently running an online course in place of our home and venue classes which is approx 1-2 hours long and can be completed on any PC or mobile device.  You can study at your own pace and log in and out as often as you wish.  It is extremely interactive with quizzes, videos and audio features.  This engaging and interactive course has been created for parents, grandparents and anyone caring for babies and young children so that they can respond promptly and effectively to any first aid incident or emergency as well as giving advise on how to manage common childhood illnesses and conditions.

To book a course please go to the website www.daisyfirstaid.com where you will be able to find your local trainer using the postcode search.  

Daisy First Aid

Daisy First Aid

Daisy First Aid offer fun and fear-free first aid courses designed specifically for parents and child carers and their aim is to educate people in a way that makes them feel both confident and comfortable in emergency situations.    Offering two-hour sessions, which take place in attendees’ homes or a local venue, the world of emergency first aid is explained and demonstrated in an engaging and simple way. Families and carers can interact and learn the important skills needed to save a life and treat the most common paediatric accidents and emergencies. 

Daisy First Aid was founded in 2014 by former police officer Jenni Dunman, who experienced a vast number of first aid emergencies during her time in the force. The idea to launch Daisy First Aid came when her friend’s daughter began to choke on a cookie. Thankfully, as an advanced first aider, Jenni knew exactly what to do and she quickly stepped in to successfully remove the blockage, and the little girl recovered with no injuries. It was then that Jenni realised first aid was not something that was typically offered to new parents, and many might not be aware of the basic skills needed to safely save their child’s life.

In just four years Jenni has grown her business into a multi award-winning company (with franchises across the UK) and is a leading paediatric first aid expert in the UK. She dedicates a great deal of time volunteering at national charity events and has a huge celebrity client portfolio including Russell Brand, Christine Lampard and Rochelle and Marvin Humes.

Jenni Dunman comments, ‘We teach paediatric first aid to thousands of parents each year. It’s both rewarding and emotional when you get that call to say a parent saved their child’s life thanks to Daisy First Aid. We are so passionate about the importance of first aid and absolutely love what we do. We are continuing our work in 2019 on an even bigger scale to educate more people on the simple steps than can so easily save a life.’

Classes with Daisy First Aid are £25.00 per attendee and further information can be found on their website below

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