Pipworth School's Got Talent!

Pipworth School's Got Talent!


5753c3debae0e9eaab156897752442f0.jpgForget the The X Factor, The Voice or Britain's Got Talent, the only contest worth entering this year was Pipworth School's Got Talent. There was no Mr Nasty aka Simon Cowell, no jeering audiences, just lots of local talent with the chance to win a term's free scholarship at a local part-time theatre school.

The competition prize was offered by Razzamataz Theatre Schools Sheffield and will also include the chance to be part of the school's annual performing arts show.

The talent show took place on Friday 17th March at Pipworth Primary and the competition was open to all children who attend the school from the ages of 4 to 11. There was a huge array of talent on offer, from dance and theatre to magicians and comedians. After a thoroughly enjoyable show, it was a pleasure to award first place to Alan Matam, age 10, who performed Sam Smith's Stay With Me.

Pipworth School's Got Talent was judged by Helen Bell, Principal of Razzamataz Sheffield, Claudia Dawe one of the Razzamataz team and professional dancer/singing, Mr.Rohan Behizad who teaches singing at Pipworth and Lucy Beck who is a Teaching Assistant with a background in the performing arts. All the judges have a vast amount of experience working with children in the performing arts and enjoyed the opportunity to meet children who have shown plenty of natural talent and potential.

The opportunity to see what undiscovered talent the school had was incredibly exciting for the judges and has created 63_Razz-Theatre.jpga real buzz in the last few weeks.

Razzamataz was invited to become involved because the deputy head teacher of Pipworth School is a parent of a student who attends Razzamataz Sheffield and they have ran a successful after school club there for the past year.

€œI knew Helen, the Principal of Razzamataz, would be really keen to get involved when I told her what we were doing at Pipworth,€ says Helen, deputy head teacher. €œRazzamataz has been a fantastic experience for my own child and I'm delighted that one of our school pupils will be able to be involved in the same way.€

Pipworth Community Primary School is located on the edge of the Woodthorpe and Manor estates, in quite a deprived area of the city. Many of the pupils who attend do not have the financial means to attend private performing arts classes so the scholarship from Razzamataz is a welcome prize and one that will positively impact Alan's life.

€œPipworth School's Got Talent was a pleasure to be involved with,€ says Helen. €œWe watched performances from so many brilliant children that it was very hard to choose a winner but we are delighted to offer Alan a scholarship and look forward to welcoming him to our school in April.€

€œI would like to say a huge well done to all the children who took part because it takes a lot of courage and determination to enter a talent show. We feel that everyone who took part had an enjoyable and positive experience and the children have gained some confidence from performing on the stage.€

Part of the prize includes joining in with the annual Razzamataz Sheffield showcase held at The Octagon in the summer. Some of the highlights from the show include the school's adaptation of A Nightmare Before Christmas for the older students alongside lots of Disney classics such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King for the Minis and Juniors.

Students at Razzamataz Sheffield have an exciting few months ahead with the latest news that they will be performing at Disneyland Paris during the 25th anniversary celebrations.

Classes at Razzamataz Sheffield are available for children from the age of 2 through to 18. To enquire about availability, contact Helen Bell on sheffield@razzamataz.co.uk or call 07979189177/0114 3030 455.

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