Will your family be "Raring2go!"?

Will your family be "Raring2go!"?

£1300 + worth of audio, video and ebooks etc to inspire, motivate and skill-up your whole family for only £96!

  • Memory & Revision Skills Video Course (normally sells for £19.99)
  • Goal Setting Masterclass Video Course (normally sells for £19.99)
  • Stress, Wellbeing & Emotional Resilience Video Course (normally sells for £19.99)
  • Our Stretch Academy MEGGA package of audio, video and written materials to help with motivation, attitude, and so much more (normally sells for £800… YES!... £800)
  • FREE BONUS folder with at least £500 worth of content in there to ensure your young people and family will be “Raring2go!" post lockdown.

Core messages around;

  • revision and memory skills
  • goal setting
  • stress and wellbeing
  • mentoring
  • taking personal responsibility
  • attitude and motivation
  • doing the stuff you do not like doing
  • busting excuses!
  • emotional resilience
  • reputation 
  • having a plan B !

                … and so much more besides.

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Some content has cameo appearances from top achievers including entrepreneurs and explorers, to add even more credibility to the content and core messages.

Content is aimed at those aged 14yrs+, but “most” of the content is suitable for ages 10yrs and above. (We would advise that all content is screened prior to sharing with younger viewers).

Who is David Hyner?

  • Researcher, having interviewed 250+ top achievers.
  • Trains between 10,000 - 50,000 students every year!
  • Speaker, having presented to over ONE MILLION people in the last 20 yrs.
  • Publisher of over 100 ebooks, author of numerous no1 books.
  • Fellow of the learning and performance institute
  • Fellow of the Professional speaking association
  • Speaker hall of fame - academy for Chief Executives
  • Lifetime achievement award - Institute for Sales Management

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Students said;

“A presentation that has really made me think”

“I loved the memory techniques !!!”

“Helped me realise how easily I can change my state of mind”

“I loved the power of positive thinking with the arm exercise”

“I know that I can do it, and that my future is up to me. I decide!”

"Totally inspired by your speech at school and have made a few pyramids already, thanks."

“Since the development day with our Gifted and Talented group we have seen the number of students achieving 3 A*-As rise from 13% to 21%.

I believe that Stretch development played a vital part in helping the students to aim higher.”

- High Arcall, West Midlands

Teachers said;

“it was lovely to see them so engaged. It is very rare that my year group respond to the invitation of "any questions?" so it was great to see this at the end, too!”

“Great rapport with the students”

“They still talk about your workshop from last year”

“Praise from our students – PRAISE INDEED”

“Empowering, motivational and highly inspiring, and the students liked it also”

“My own daughter told me how useful your workshop was and how it has helped her at University”

"David is an innovative and inspirational person that has the unique ability to motivate people of all ages, genders and ethnicity. A meticulous and generous professional who simply comes alive with humor, energy and positivity as soon as you meet him. We have employed his services for over the last four years to motivate our students to succeed. I have little doubt our journey from 34% to over 72% A*- C has been supported by his contribution.

- Q3 academy

“Just writing to thank you for a truly inspirational day today. The students were electric as they left the gates this afternoon.
I have attached for you the feedback data from today. I think it is truly accurate and speaks volumes for how motivated and enthusiastic the students felt as they left: 100% of the students rated the day as either good or excellent.”

- Dudley school

“most of them stayed after class, which speaks for itself.”

- Birmingham music academy

“There wasn't a single student that didn't thank me and tell me that the whole session was 'spot on'!

The difference between the initial sceptical reception that the concept first met with and the buzzing, motivated self-confident people that were sat on the coach back to college having just learned some life-changing lessons totally encapsulates what we're all doing is all about.”

- Telford College

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